Hon Chinedum Orji and the 7th Abia House of Assembly – By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu


Out of the heart of a man does his actions flow. The Bible was specific about this when it posited that ” a man speaketh from the abundance of his heart”. Indisputably, our actions are conceived in our hearts.It will not also be wrong to assume that the speaker of the 7th Abia House of Assembly, Hon. Chinedum Orji spoke profoundly from the abundance of his hearth in his inaugural speech during the inauguration of the current house.

Nigerian politics has been characterized by  do-or- die mentality that has generated scome tension and acrimony even when the political contest is over. This has necessitated the spilling of political disagreements to decades ahead. But here is kudos to the honourable speaker who has demonstrated profound magnanimity in victory when he announced that even though people opposed his emergence as the speaker of the house, that he sees those oppositions from the perspective of people exercising their prerogative, nothing more. He also enjoined those sympathetic with his ambition to see it in that light. What a wonderful way to rein in supporters?.

“I note that a number of us Members of this 7th House were eminently qualified to emerge Speaker of the House but you have chosen me to lead you as 1st among equals. I bear no grudge against anyone who indicated interest in contesting this seat with me as they were exercising their natural prerogatives. I therefore call on my friends and supporters not to cast aspersions on anyone in my name. We are one family and we will remain so”.

Though the speaker indicated in the speech that a comprehensive work plan that will guide the activities of the 7th house will be rolled out later, what he considered the pointers of the house, have enormous capabilities of turning the state around if fully actualised.More significant is the promise that the 7th house will be the people’s house where all decisions will bear human face” This 7th Abia State House of Assembly shall be vibrant and result-oriented. We are the House of the people, by the people and for the people and we shall endeavour to make the people the centre-point of all our actions and decisions. We are therefore committed to the enactment of sound laws and legislation that will help in uplifting the lives and well-being of Ndi Abia”.

Other things being equal, we are expecting a very active house that will not relent to wield its big hammer on those who are ever willing and ready to disobey the laws and resolutions passed by the house. Equally, those who have cultivated it as habits to slow down the progress of the state by non- implementation of the directives of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu will be sanctioned appropriately.Indeed, there is no more room for drawing the clock of progress of the state back either in deeds or spoken words.

Beside the legislative and other related functions of the house, members of the 7th house will stretch these functions a bit to accommodate the provision of social amenities to their constituents. This will go a long way in shading the executive of some burden of discharging this enormous function alone. We strongly believe that the members if empowered, as strongly promised the honourable speaker, will not hesitate to ensure that these dividends filter down to the people.

More cheering is that Abians expect a house that will not be polarized along party lines. Thought the members emerge along different party platforms,it is expected that party interests would be consumed by collective interests for the common good of the state. On this note, rancour and infighting occasioned by party interests would be consumed by a collective aspiration to move the state forward.

It is interesting that the youths would be captured in the centre stage of the activities of the 7th house and the narrative is bound to change from giving the youths fish to teaching them how to fish. The 7th house is strongly poised in assisting measure that would help to provide employment opportunities to the youths. Such measures will manifest in the form of helping the executive to actualise projects tailored along that line such as  Enyimba Economic City Project which impact we ensure that thousands of Abia youths would bid goodbye to unemployment.

Finally, there is a caveat to the “fifth columnists” whose stock-in-trade are to sow seed of discord between the two arms that would introduce the spirit of suspicion and rancour and serve as a clog in the wheel of progress of the state. Such attempts are stillbirth as promised by the honourable speaker.

As we look forward to the fulfilment of these laudable proposals by the speaker, let us share in his supplications “I wish to assure you that at all times, I will endeavour to do my best to continue to deserve this confidence and trust that you have so resoundingly reposed in me today. God being my helper, I will not disappoint you”.



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