Murder of Community Leader; Public Exonerates Julius Beggar Staff



Thousands of people from Obosi, Idemili North Council Area of Anambra State today took to some of the major streets in the town and protested over the arrest, parading of one of their sons and a quantity surveyor under the employment of Julius Beggar Nigeria Plc, Okoye Ernest Chinwendu (a.k.a IBB) by the State Police Command, describing the police action as a bought over by some of Okoye’s kinsmen who had vowed never to live and see the young man progress in his life endenvour.

It would be recalled that the State Police Commissioner, CP Mustapha Danddaura had last Monday, paraded the said Okoye Ernest Chinwendu (with police crippling him with bullets) before newsmen in his Awka office, alleging that the suspect played role in the murder of the president General of Nimo Town Union, Hon Anthony Igboka.

 However, the police action against the young man described as an epitome of love, philanthropist, God fearing, peacemaker in Obosi, triggered the anger of both octogenarians, mothers, youths, school pupils under the scholarship of Okoye Ernest Chinwendu, members of his self-sponsored football club (Umuchineke Football Club as took to the streets with placards, calling on the state government and the police authorities in Nigeria to order for not only the release of their person but for his total exoneration in the heinous crime.

The placards have inscriptions some of which read, “It is a complete set up against our leader IBB, IBB is pure and innocent of the allegation, this is family issue because he is made chairman and they planned against him, we need justice among others.

The protesters included the mother of the suspect, Mrs. Obiageli Okoye, who told newsmen that the hands of her son, IBB was clean in the alleged gruesome murder.

“There was a time they hired assassins for him but God saved him and this time around, he is fingered of being involved in the murder of a community leader.

“He is being attacked by the sacked leadership of our Umuikediugwu sub kindred of Ezechime family because he was elected chairman to succeed the leadership. It is a plot against my son to nail him as one who has come to develop the community”, Okoye’s mother narrated (with tears rolling down her chest).

Speaking, the leader of the protesters and head of Umuikediugwu kindred, Ogbueshi Onuora Onubogu, stated that, “Okoye Ernest Chinwendu, a.k.a IBB is not known as a thief, he is interested in our progress, it is a plot against him by our own brothers”

He is being attacked by the sacked leadership of our Umuikediugwu kindred, because he was elected chairman to succeed the leadership after ten years.

“He is our elected chairman in our kindred and the police should release him because he is innocent of the allegation leveled against him. Let me die if Okoye Ernest Chinwendu, a.k.a IBB committed the murder. At my age, 84 years, I cannot lie”

Still vowing for Okoye Ernest Chinwendu, a.k.a IBB, another elder, Chief Mike Maduegbuna, said it was a lie that he was involved in the murder.

The team manager of a national football team (Umuchineke football club, Obosi) floated by IBB over two years now, Mr. Alex Agbanusi, hinted that he was devastated when he heard the news, adding that IBB cannot be involved in the murder.”This club is playing in the nationwide league one” he said.



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