May 30th, Is Biafran Independence Day Celebration


(A Press Release by IgboZaraIgbo, Washington, DC)


As has become the norm, twenty-two years and counting, May 30th, 2019, is the Biafran Independence day celebration. Biafrans across the globe are reminiscent on this day in remembrance of the day the old ancient empire of Biafara (Biafra) was restored. A wide and celebrated kingdom that existed before the adventure of the so-called colonial masters into continental Africa, looking for greener pastures.


Fast forward to the last fifty-two years, this celebration is specific on a time frame that the Igbo nation, a major remnant of this ancient kingdom, celebrate the day they liberated themselves from the clutches of the wicked and, never looked back. It is the day they set aside to celebrate the lives of their loved ones sacrificed by the invading forces of the so-called colonial masters and in collaboration with their satanic champions led by the leadership of the Fulani, the born-to-rule. It is a day we, the survivors of that Genocide and Holocaust vowed that the sacrifices of our fallen brethren would not be in vain, as we still have our Chi-Ukwu on our side, who has the final answers to our problems.


The celebration was formally initiated and ratified by different Biafra organizations, such as Ekwe Nche, Biafra Foundation, Biafra Liberation Movement, Biafra National Union, and others, at the Toronto, Canada first conference of the Biafrans in 2006. In the conference, Biafrans agreed, among others, that the one hundred (100) years failed experiment of Southern and Northern Amalgamation by Britain in 1914 of incompatible nations called Nigeria – a corrupted name for Nigger-Area and, as ascribed by then Frederick Lugard’s concubine, must end. Due to the irreconcilable way of life of the ethnic nationalities especially with the Igbo and Fulani at opposite extremes, and that since Igbo remains the sacrificial lambs of this incompatible artificial country, and therein, walked out in 1967 for very obvious reasons, Ndi Igbo for one have stayed out of that cursed union and never came back to Nigeria – in spite of all the covert and overt actions from within and outside to stay the course, including the efforts of Igbo own compromised sons and daughters.


Igbo-Biafrans and other Biafrans celebrate not only to remember their citizens sent to their early graves, prior to and after the genocidal war engineered by the British government, the then Soviet Union, many Arab nations, etc., including their local surrogates – the blood tasty Fulani leadership, the regressive Yoruba leadership, and the leadership of the rest of the gang-up naive nations; but we also celebrate in pursuit of our God-given rights mapped out in the GOLDEN RULES OF ETHNIC NATIONALITIES, to freedom recognized by International organizations, including the United Nations, African Union, and others.


In their unmitigated rage to pillage Biafra territories and steal its resources, the then Prime Minister of Britain, Harold Wilson, had this to say, quote,


“The dead bodies of half a million Biafrans will not force the British


to change her policies concerning the Nigerian civil war. The


Biafran nation cannot be allowed to be, for we do not


trust what they will become with their vast


resources around the Russians or the


French.” unquote.


Harold Wilson, UK Prime Minister, 1964 – 1970.


Little did Harold Wilson know that the Russians were already onboard with him against Biafra for the same reasons. The French acknowledged Harold Wilson’s recognition nevertheless implemented a “lukewarm” strategies with the Biafran leadership. Today, while many of these Igbo-Biafra haters are under Islamic siege, the same Harold Wilson nation feels they are sharing too much “benefits of war spoils” with its European neighbors and, therefore, want out of the union, even with a spirit-of-confusion hanging around them. The Great Chi-Ukwu is not mocked!


It has been adduced in some quarters that the Igbo tend to be their own worst enemies, perhaps because of their true republican nature. Granted that there will always be compromised citizens in every nation, however, today’s Igbo leadership who are yet to overcome the effects of Stockholm Syndrome have taken the act of sabotage to unprecedented levels. These self-seeking, crumb-picking individuals and organizations want to be here and there, and with only one mindset, help the British government and their surrogates enslave Igbo and other ethnic nationalities permanently, out of greed and wickedness. They work in the night with our traducers to stay their plan and come out in the day to talk about working for Igbo. We wished these Igbo lukewarm-warmers were hot or cold.


Where we uncompromisingly demand an environment safe and free to genuinely compete with the rest of the free nations, they cry of restructuring the Nigerian house built on sinking sand. Where we demand a free homeland where we can fly in safely, complete our economic activities from our neighborhood ports, and without harassment and undue hardships from our haters, these confused Igbo saboteurs, among them, educated illiterates, remind us it took 200 years for countries such as the US to become an emulating nation; even when one has the US blueprint at hand.


Meanwhile, the British and Saudi Arabia governments backed Fulani Islamization agenda stays the course. And this Fulani government of Nigeria has now joined hands with Miyetti Allah, the world fourth recognized terrorist organization, to complete this agenda, even as Ohaneze, The Governors, ADF, WIC, and other Igbo-one-Nigeria organizations continue to sit on their hands. If people do not start by demanding accountability from these so-called Igbo leaders, including showing visible outrage to the craziness in the land, while should the International community care?


To these “calabashes” dancing naively in the middle of a fast-moving stream, please focus on your usual “29th Igbo Day” celebration to remain relevant with your friends in Abuja and its environs, but remove your monkey hands from May 30th, the authentic day Biafrans across the globe celebrate, respect, and honor our brothers and sisters who continue to be the sacrificial lambs to a fraudulent country called Nigeria that expired in 2014.


This May 30th, 2019, is Biafra Independence Day Celebration across the globe. All economic activities must come to a standstill on this day across the entire “geographical expressed area.” Stay in your homes and reflect in a somber mood, the evil that has been, but more especially reflects on the hope that is to come.


Respectfully submitted,




IgboZaraIgbo Organization


1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300


Washington, DC 20006





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