The war of words between the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and the rebel leader of the Ijaw community, Asari Dokubo have continued and may have reached a crescendo. The latest video by Asari Dokubo in response to Nnamdi Kanu’s attack on his person vilifies the IPOB leader as a con man who knows nothing about Biafra but was merely using Biafra to con innocent people.

The Ijaw rebel revealed that it was Nnamdi Kanu that was repeatedly sending emissaries to him – begging for protection and help. He revealed that Uche Mefor, the number two man in IPOB, paid him repeated visits pleading on behalf of Nnamdi Kanu. “We provided security for you and now to have mouth” thundered Asari Dokubo who went on to remind Nnamdi Kanu of the status of Igbos to the Ijaw. He said Igbos had been slaves to the Ijaws historically.

He disclosed that many of the secret meetings held between him and Nnamdi Kanu were always leaked to the security apparatus in Nigeria. He recalled how the security agent busted into one of their meetings held in Benin Republic – how all of the Nnamdi Kanu’s men ran away leaving only him. He also wondered who told the security agents of their meeting location and time. He insinuated Nnamdi Kanu may have been the one leaking the information to the security agents.

The war or words between the two rebels had reached a point where death threats have been made by the two parties.

See video below