Imo Guber: Gov Okorocha’s Pains & Madumere’s Gains – By Esogibe Ikenna


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In the Igbo proverbial lyrics, “a deaf fly follows the corpse to the grave”. The onetime flamboyant and bubbling but outgoing executive Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha had boasted and sworn to relegate or retire every politician in the state after the 2019 election.


Little wondered why and how the killer was suddenly killed. The Bible says that on the exit of Pharaoh, the Israelites felt relieved and there was joy in heaven that the oppressors of children of God were put to shame for the spell they cast against the innocence.


However, there is no doubt that today in Imo state, every Dick and Harry are happy, majority of them have placed their expectations that better days are ahead after the handover in May 29th, 2019.


But one thing remains sacrosanct and there is need to place it on board for Imo people to be aware how the journey of grace and libration in the state started.


As a man of integrity, humble and forthright, the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere, after seeing the level of frustration against Imolites by the man they laboured and voted into power as Governor in 2011, he could not hold his breath hence, he resisted and called on to whom it may concern to join him leading to what appeared as COALITION that ousted Gaddafi (Okorocha).


The victory today in Imo state was masterminded by the dogged Mbieri Prince, he had told Rochas to mellow down from his excesses but due to power drunk, he ignored but chose to push him out of his office…but is he God?


My Bible tells me that “if God has not said you will die, the medical report from that Doctor is irrelevant”. Governor Okorocha got to a point and assumed the position sacredly reserved for God, today, where is he? his pains and anguish have become Eze Madumere’s gains!


A writer had written previously that the 2019 election in Imo state would be likened to ” Osadebe’s proverb of Inine and Agadi Nwanyi” where the later would be thinking how to eat the former without knowing what the former had in stock for her. But we ignored!


Imo people should do well to celebrate Madumere rather than Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha’s victory, reason is that if Madumere had not resisted the excesses of his estranged boss against Imo people and rather formed alliance with to whom it may concern, Okorocha would have retained his political dynasty today. Remove his boisterousness and arrogance, Okorocha is a strong and unbendable politician of note.


May I concur with the position of one of Emeka Ihedioha’s supporter that the victory of his boss should be dedicated to God first, and Eze Madumere second, as well as other individuals used by God to secure the victory. The Deputy Governor indeed played a prominent role as a core and full blooded Owerri man who wouldn’t be drinking Moet, Cliquote, Dompreyo, and other expensive champaign like others when his people were kicked, humiliated, beaten and their businesses demolished for no just cause.


It takes a Godly mind to resist government booty or largesse for the sake of individuals who mostly were not truly in love with you. Now that Eze Madumere has delivered the state from King Pharaoh, the oppressor of mankind, Imo people should not forget to pray for the Mbieri Prince, since it is obvious that the Emperor will not easily forgive him  for removing the cup from his hand until he dies. Think about it!


_Esogibe Ikenna is an opinion moulder and Public Affairs Analyst_



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