CSO Says Genocide Taking Place In Southern Kaduna


…wants International community to hold Elrufai responsible 

The frequency of attacks and killings in Southern part of Kaduna State, and the high rate of deaths from these barbaric onslaughts have been categorised as “a genocide against the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna requiring global attention,” by civil society group. 

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“Over 120 people have been killed, thousands displaced and more than 50 houses burnt in the last 10 days,” said Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution (CDNDC) in a statement signed by its Convener, Ariyo-Dare Atoye. 

“It appears the killers are trying to measure up with the numbers pronounced by the Kaduna state governor, Nasiru Elrufai when he irresponsibly contrived the 66 numbers of Fulanis killed on election eve and later raised the number to over 130 without evidence and while struggling to justify it.

“Not even Channels television that was complicit in the unprofessional and terrible ‘breaking news’ reporting of the contrived incident that was largely targeted at truncating the February 16, 2019 election, but which was later postponed, has deemed it fit to do a factual reporting of the Kajuru 66 incident.

“The world must know that there is a divisive governor and government in Kaduna State that is presiding over these killings and have done virtually nothing to prevent it for reasons available to the Nigerian public.

“The International community must hold Governor Nasiru Elrufai and President Muhammadu Buhari responsible for the genocide taking place against the minority and Christians in Kaduna State and the Midlle-Belt at large. 

“Christians and their communities in Kaduna State and the Middle-Belt have become endangered species in Nigeria because of the frequency of killings and attacks by herdsmen and the government have failed to protect them and arrest the killers.

“The era of political correctness is dead we must say the truth; it is obvious the current administration in Nigeria is pursuing a devious ethno-religious agenda especially in the Middlebelt and the country at large, and except we call it out, this is capable of truncating the country and leading to internecine war.

“We have no doubt that Gen. Buhari is capable of ending the menace of herdsmen killings in the country if he desires to do so in truth and honesty because he had in the past defended them when they had problems with the then Oyo State government under Lam Adesina.

“Today, the world has rallied round New Zealand over the barbaric terrorist attack that killed 50 Muslim worshippers in a Mosque because its government was responsive, while the attacker has been arrested and will be speedily prosecuted.

“But more than 120 People have been killed in Nigeria, and the world is not reacting because the government is not responsive and will rather send soldiers and military police to rig the election than to secure lives.

The CSO also take a swipe at Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Pastor Tunde Bakare, who is a close confidant of Gen. Buhari for keeping quiet while genocide is perpetuated in the Middlebelt.



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