Panicky Buhari, APC Arm-twisting Security, INEC To Rig Feb 23 Polls -PDP

February 20, 2019

Press Conference

…Rejects Plots to Foist APC Members as EOs

Gentlemen of the press, after the widely condemned rigging machinations 
by the Buhari Presidency and the All Progressives Congress (APC) that 
frustrated our electoral process and led to the painful postponement of 
the February 16 Presidential election, the fear stricken Buhari 
Presidency has launched a more ferocious plot with INEC and security 
agencies to ambush the rescheduled elections and foist General Muhammadu 
Buhari on our nation.

But we want to assure them that their evil plots will come to naught.

Since the postponement, the Buhari Presidency and APC have been 
breathing down on the Chairman of INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, in a 
desperate and feverish bid to consolidate their control of the 
operations of the commission and execute its rigging plot.

At a meeting held in Buhari Presidency/APC situation room in the 
Presidential Villa last night, where Minister of Works and Housing, 
Babatunde Fashola, the Managing Director of Nigeria Ports Authority 
(NPA), Hadiza Bala Usman, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, 
Mustapha Boss, among others, were in attendance, Resident Electoral 
Commissioners (RECs) were directed to issue out result sheets to APC 
agents to falsify and declare results in favour of the APC.

Intelligence at our disposal reveals that the INEC Chairman has 
succumbed to back channel bullying by the Buhari Presidency and APC to 
accede to their demand to replace Electoral Officers (EOs) in various 
critical states with APC agents who will vehemently execute President 
Buhari’s rigging plans in the February 23, Presidential election.

Also our party has full details of how the Department of State Services 
(DSS) has been interfering with operations of critical departments of 
INEC, including the ICT department, to do APC bidding.

The PDP also has details of the meeting last night by President Buhari, 
some APC northern governor and Service Chiefs last night, whereupon 
pressure was mounted on the Service Chiefs in connection with the APC 
rigging plans.

We alert Nigerians that the INEC Chairman has been intimidated with 
threat of ‘Onnoghen’s treatment’ to accept a list of APC members and 
agents and post them to serve as EOs in various states including Kano, 
Kaduna, Rivers, Bauchi, Akwa-Ibom, Zamfara, Benue, Sokoto, Lagos, 
Plateau, Taraba, Borno, Adamawa, Kogi, Delta, Ebonyi among others.

These APC EOs have been briefed to ensure the diversion of sensitive 
electoral materials from designated polling centers, delay the 
accreditation process, so as to frustrate voters’ enthusiasm, compromise 
the collation process to allocate and announce fictitious results for 
President Buhari and muddle up the process to pave way for result 
cancellation where it becomes impossible to rig for President Buhari.

The PDP stands with Nigerians in directly rejecting this latest 
arm-twisting of security agencies as well as the nefarious plots to use 
APC members as INEC Election Officers.

It is now clearer that the election day killing order issued by 
President Buhari is designed to clamp-down and even kill patriotic 
Nigerians who will want to confront and stop the APC from executing 
their rigging plots on the day of election.

However, the PDP, in clear terms, assures INEC, compromised security 
agents and President Buhari that their evil plans will definitely come 
to naught. Nigerians are now, more than ever before, determined in 
rallying with our party, to confront, resist and stop President Buhari 
and the APC on their trail to rig the February 23 election.

Nigerians in their millions, across the 176,000 polling units and voting 
points, have been placed on readiness for this election and nobody can 
rig them out.

Let it be known that there is no way APC members will be allowed to act 
as INEC or fake security officers in this election. The vehement public 
resistance that greeted INEC’s attempt to replace already trained ad-hoc 
staff with APC agents in some states last Friday is a direct warning to 

The PDP therefore cautions INEC to immediately end its back channel 
links and disentangle itself from the Buhari Presidency or risk being on 
collusion course with the Nigerian people.

Nigerians have made huge sacrifices for a free, fair, credible and 
transparent election to vote out President Buhari on Saturday. They 
will, as such, spare no thought in ensuring that anybody recruited by 
the enemies of democracy to rig the election will be resisted.

A word is enough for the wise!


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary
Director, Media & Publicity
PDP Presidential Campaign Organization


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