Why Sen. Bala Muhammed Is The Better Choice For Bauchi Governor In 2019 – By John Akevi


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Making an introduction of Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed a former FCT Minister as well as  Senator, is like introducing a shell to snails.

He has positively identified with people, regardless of their walks. Like the shell of the snails which the snails do not doubt but trust for its sheltering, the good people of Bauchi State are well confident of the good panning of their son, Sen. Bala Muhammed, in devise areas of endeavour including youth  empowerment and

development, community development, health care initiatives, political and community leadership, philanthropy, youth employment, distributions of social amenities and lots more.

You may love or loathe him. You may adore or abjure him. You may vilify or venerate him. You may detest or deify. But what you surely cannot do is to ignore him. His rise to national prominence is nothing short of a phenomenon. Sharp, smart, articulate, dependable, humble, versatile and

multi- talented, the 2019 Bauchi State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship candidate is indeed one of the most outstanding discovery of the fourth republic.

Sen.Bala Muhammed, The PDP Governorship Candidate in Bauchi State,appears to be more forward-looking as an innovative thinker. He has a richer and more believable agenda, which he supports with strategies for their successful

implementations. This makes his manifesto to be tempered with practicality.

He has promised to be profoundly resourceful in harnessing and nurturing the natural and human resources of the state for the wider good of the people through economic growth if given the mandate.

The whole government development process that he envisages for Bauchi State is guided by his agenda for Change – The –  Change  agenda. He  believes is what Bauchi people expect him to implement to develop the state for the greater welfare of all. Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed (PDP Governorship Candidate) has a clear manifesto, abridged below, which addresses the key issues of education, health care, corruption,

job creation, industrial development, diversification of the state economy, and the revitalization of the manufacturing sector; as the main sector that can generate the desired employment opportunities for all:

1.The free and compulsory education to all levels.

2.The strengthening of the state economy.

3.The diversification of the economy through agricultural revolution and exportation of agro-industrial products.

4.The boosting of internally generated revenue and closing of all loop holes for embezzlement of public funds.

5.The institution of accountability and transparency in the management of public funds.

6.The rebuilding of all critical infrastructures.

7.The building of brand new cities in Bauchi State to end emigration and urban congestion.

8.The restructuring of Bauchi city into a new

metropolitan city.

9.The massive industrialization and attraction of foreign investments in Bauchi state.

  1. Solid minerals deposits in all zones of the state will be duly tapped to prop the state economy.

11And the provision of a total solution to the general unemployment situation in the state as well well as zero tolerance for corruption.

These are all components of Sen.Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed Agenda for Change – The – Change in Bauchi State. Electing Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed (PDP Governorship Candidate) as the next governor of Bauchi State on his campaign promises to fight corruption to a zero tolerance level, and run the state economy like a profitable business, may be the stunning electoral sensation that Bauchi state need to exhibit to produce the Change – The – Change they are yearning for.

Citizen John Akevi

A freelance journalist, blogger and social media expert base in Bauchi State,Nigeria.



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