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Section 40 of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution states that “every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other association for the protection of his interest”. This section of the Constitution grants the entire populace the freedom to join any political party of their choice.

As a result of the freedom granted by the aforementioned section of the Constitution, politicians are absolutely free to join or as popularly called ‘defect’ to any political party of their preference or fancy. But it is alarming that politicians take advantage of the freedom up to the extent that the issue of ‘Party Defection’ has now become the order of the day and this is mostly common during the period of election or when elections are about to be held.

The issue has triggered a lot of questions and divided opinions as to the reasons behind the rampant defections of politicians to various political parties as it now looks as if the theory of faithfulness in politics does not exist.

Nigeria is plagued with many crises and problems that needs to be rectified quickly as the masses are left frustrated by the series of problems that haunts them on a daily basis. But all the majority of the problems are to be solved by the Nigerian Government which is made up of individuals from political parties and for the needed solution to the crises haunting Nigerians, there has to be Stability in Nigeria’s political system as a way forward. Nigerians need to be convinced that politicians aiming for political posts do so for the purpose of relieving them of their problems and the first step is to stop defecting to parties as if they are moving from their living-room to their bedroom.

As an exemplary and a purposeful individual seeking to hold a political office for the sole aim of bringing an improved living to the doors of the masses, the first step to be taken is joining a political party. In order to avoid the messy action of defecting from one party to another, such individual must ensure the political party he is joining shares the same interest.

Undoubtedly, no politician would join a party they feel doesn’t share the same interests but the problem of defection stems from the unending thirst for power of politicians and as a result, they defect from one party to another when they are not given the ticket of a particular party or they feel they have no chance. They need to understand the fact that ‘You don’t rule because you want to, but because you are qualified to’.

Political parties should stop issuing tickets to unfaithful seekers who defect to their party due to their inability to secure the tickets of their previous parties and to achieve this, INEC should state the period of time an individual should spend in a political party before they are qualified to contest for a political office on the platform of the party.

A single personality that intends to oversee the affairs of millions of personalities should be given the opportunity when it is affirmed that he is qualified to. An individual that can not guarantee his faithfulness to his party can never lay claims to being faithful to the masses and such individual does not have the needed quality to guarantee an ineffable leadership ability to counter the rigorous crises staring the masses in the face.

Guaranteeing the stability and faithfulness of politicians to their political parties can be a major step towards securing a better and purposeful Leadership which would give room for the solution to the problems weighing on the shoulders of Nigeria and her citizens.

About the Author:

A Nigerian youth whose passion is to ensure the better understanding of Africans and mostly Nigerians on matters affecting our daily affairs through sharing insightful thoughts on matters of utmost importance



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