N2.5bn Scandal: PDP Mocks Buhari, Says First Lady Is Entangled

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N2.5bn Scandal: PDP Mocks Buhari, Says First Lady Is Entangled

September 26, 2018

Press Statement

N2.5bn Scandal: PDP Mocks Buhari, Says First Lady Is Entangled

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) challenges President Muhammadu Buhari
to show his zero tolerance for corruption by allowing for an open
inquest into the N2.5 billion scandal, in which the First Lady, Aisha
Buhari, has already been entangled; instead of the spirited effort by
the Presidency to suppress a matter that is already in public domain.

The party said that nothing is more scandalous than the fact that while
President Buhari is in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New
York mouthing his war against corruption, a huge broth of corruption, in
which his wife is mentioned, is simmering under his own roof.

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President Buhari, by now, must have learnt that Nigerians are not buying
the lame denial by our First Lady, who had rushed to town to disown her
detained security aide, Sani Baba Inna, just because the lid is off the
can of worms.

This scandal has further vindicated the stand of the PDP that President
Buhari presides over a government of corruption, where his close
relatives, officials and a cabal of associates are enmeshed in sleazy
deals but parading as saints.

It is instructive to note that the First Lady has already admitted that
her detained security aide defrauded “unsuspecting associates and
officials”, a position which inadvertently exposes the attempt by the
Police to conceal the matter.

The PDP and indeed Nigerians have always pointed to the very expensive
lifestyle and personal effects, including posh jewelries, daily paraded
by close relatives of Mr. President, thus belying gimmicks and stunts of
the first family being saintly and pro-poor.

Also, there have been allegations of acquisitions of sprawling and
choice property in Nigeria and other countries by persons close to the

Since the First Lady, in her statement, confessed that her security aide
defrauded “unsuspecting associates and officials”, the PDP demands that
the aide be promptly docked in an open court and given the opportunity
to defend himself and expose his accomplices in the alleged fraud.

It is common knowledge that aides of former Presidents and those of
former First Ladies are currently facing trial in open court over
similar allegations and this should not be an exception.

The PDP, however, hopes that the detained aide will not be ‘escorted’
out of the country to prevent him from opening up, as was the case of
disgraced former minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun.

Moreover, the PDP invites Nigerians to note that the Presidency has
suddenly gone dumb on a N2.5 billion fraud under its roof. Does this not
amount to admittance of complicity by the Buhari Presidency, which is
becoming notorious as a den of certificate forgers and persons of
questionable character.

The PDP therefore holds that since issues have been joined and high
profile personalities in the Presidency named, it hopes this matter will
not be swept under the carpet.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary


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