The Many Sins Of Gov Elrufai – By Dr John Danfulani

The Many Sins Of Gov Elrufai – By Dr John Danfulani

The Many Sins Of Gov Elrufai – By Dr John Danfulani

Compiled By Mazi Alexander

(But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray…2Cor 11:3.)

We must not forget these inhumane decisions and actions in a hurry.Southern Kaduna people must not be deceived again…for three and a half years,Elrufai never recognised us as human beings.People like late Bishop Bogobiri amongst others will be happy seeing that those who disparaged our identity are not allowed to take us for a ride.

We must pray even as we have resolved to put into action our voices.Whatever the enemy has brought and deposited in our land these few days in order to bewitch us as we plan toward 2019,it will never work against us.

Below are some of the sins of the governor as captured by Dr Danfulani:

On 3rd and 21st December 2016,Elrufai said he compensated killers of Southern Kaduna people in Niger, Senegal,Mali etc.

He placed some Southern Kaduna LGs on 24hrs curfew. While his wicked curfew was on,villages were assaulted,lives terminated and large property destroyed on 24/12/2016.

He closed three institutions of higher learning viz KASU,COE & CON (all in Kafanchan)in Southern Kaduna for 8 months. He was compelled by a high court to open the schools.

He sacked and dismantled hundreds of districts/district heads and thousands of village heads.These institutions are vital in the security architecture of LGs in the state.

He terminated careers of very young civil servants at the State & LG services and illegally sacked over 21 thousand teachers under a fake program of so called education reform.

He called Southern Kaduna women that protested against his autocratic policies and failure to discharge his number one duty as “indecent women” on 21st December 2016 on a syndicated radio program.

He arrested voices of dissents, journalist and community leaders on fake premises. Where his arrest were rendered illegal,he abused judicial processes just to inflict pains on his preys.

He wasted N10b on a so-called school feeding program. And later changed the narratives that the program wasn’t a state program but that of the FGN. Pure 419!

He brought a known questionable character called Jimi Lawal of former Alfa Merchant Bank and made him an adviser and later Senior Adviser. A simple google search will give one thousands of links that non has a good story about him.

He fought our 3 senators viz ShehuSani HunkuyiSuleiman  and Laah which converted the State to a political battleground.The state not the senators suffered for it.

He attempted introducing a religious bill that would have made worship impossible.Prayer/worship times and environments were designated. The law directly challenged the very foundation of our faiths.

Elrufai paid killers;called PDP members viruses;told critics to climb Kufena mountain and fall[and die];told his thugs to shave Shehu Sani’s hair,and called protesting women of S/KD indecent.Only a rascal-in-power or an accidental governor can spew such bunkum balderdash and also take such actions.



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