PDP Mocks Presidency, APC For Wooing Its Members

PDP Mocks Presidency, APC For Wooing Its Members

August 4, 2018

Press Statement

PDP Mocks Presidency, APC For Wooing Its Members

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) mocks the Presidency and the All
Progressives Congress (APC), as shameless, despicable and hypocritical,
for attempting to woo PDP members into its now discredited and famished

The PDP describes the move as a failed antic of an apprehended and
deflated felon who, in his immoral proclivity, attempts futilely to pull
off one last survival stunt before facing the gallows, or more so, a
mortally wounded snake furtively seeking for one last bite before its
inevitable painful death.

The PDP has nothing but pity for the APC, who, in its blind desperation,
cannot see that the train has since left the station and that no body,
no matter the lure, abandons a cruising liner, which the PDP now
represents, to jump into a sinking ship with a disoriented captain which
the APC has become.

Indeed, no one, no matter the enticement, runs into a collapsing
building from where terrified, wounded and traumatized people are
already taking flight for their dear lives.

Nigerians can now see the shameless hypocrisy of the APC, which is now
going about, cap in hand, to beg the same persons it haunted as corrupt
and evil, seeing that it has been overrun by the tides.

Having failed to cow such persons through threats, media trials, trumped
up corruption charges and raw violence, the APC is now seeking to
ensnare them with promises of political opportunities it no longer has
control over.

The dilapidated APC, by now, ought to have known that no Nigerian will
again fall for its gimmick of false promises and subject him or herself
to the prison yard democracy, that it offers.

We therefore counsel the APC to leave our members alone and stop acting
like that evil character who roams about seeking for whom to devour or
drag along into the pit, knowing that his time is short.

The APC should quit its antics and find an abandoned cave of history to
lick its wounds, having squandered the goodwill given to it by Nigerians
in 2015.

The eclipsing APC must know that Nigerians have had enough of its lies,
deception, propaganda, contrivances, beguilements and are now resolute
in their iron-cast determination to rally on the platform of the
repositioned PDP to rescue our nation from the curse which the APC has
come to represent in the last three years.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary



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