Kwankwaso, Saraki, Tambuwal Are Political Prostitutes, Says Sule Lamido

Kwankwaso, Saraki, Tambuwal Political Prostitutes, Says Sule Lamido
The former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido spoke on Sunday July 15, 2018 from his Kano State residence at Sharada on issues concerning the recently concluded Ekiti election and the upcoming 2019 Presidential election. The former Governor of Jigawa State and a political descendant of the Aminu Kano political lineage faulted the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari for being a non democratic leader and despot.
See the transcript of his address below: 
The  process in Ekiti was heavily militarized; and I know it shouldn’t be a surprise because we are being led by a former military General who was also a former military Head of State, who was very known for arresting political leaders. Number two, you see, he (Buhari) only says politicians are this, politicians are that, which means he is not a politician. 

So, I think the election in Ekiti, to me, if it is the wish of the people that is announced as the result, I have no quarrels with it. I hope, also, that this is not the kind of thing we are going to experience in 2019 elections because it will spell doom to democracy.

You see, even before the election, there was this acrimony, the atmosphere was very tensed. You see, sending 30, 000 police men in Ekiti for a governorship election is very worrisome. From what I heard, they said they sent 30, 000 police men, we don’t know the number of other security agencies and para-military. If in 2019, they are sending 30, 000 police men to conduct elections in each state, that means 30, 000 times 36, including Abuja—this is very curious.

If this was how that election was conducted, that means they instilled fear in the people. To me, the election has come and gone, it has been conducted and the winner has been declared, I certainly hope that it is the wish of the people that was declared. Let it be the wish of the people that is being declared, simple.

If Katsina being the home of Mr. President is saying they are for me—that is a big hope.

You see, PDP was in government for 16 years at all the levels, it was PDP. The key players today in APC are also PDP. So, it means we know our mistake; we made a mistake because people who were in PDP left and they were able to conceive the APC; and to that effect, this APC government is our own baby. So, we have this commitment and passion for Nigerians. We have learnt our lessons and we have seen the consequences of our second-eleven being in government—they have no capacity, they have no commitment, and they unleash pains and agony on Nigerians.

The three factors of that they used during their campaign—economy, security and fighting corruption are all zero. How on earth can Buhari go to Danjuma Goje’s house to beg him—Goje who has been arraigned in court! And Buhari preferred to go to him, by that, the Judge should be very very careful, because it means they cannot convict Goje. If Oshiomole after all these noise and ranting will go to Saraki and Tambuwal and beg them, after calling PDP thieves and what have you, which means their fight against corruption is defeated.

On security, you know before it was Boko Haram, it has now gone beyond Boko Haram, it is inter-tribal. It is between Fulani and Fulanis; it is between Hausa and Hausas, between Igbos and Igbos. In Ebonyi it is there, in Zamfara it is there and in Sokoto, it is there. So, you see, today, we are under siege. It means all they key security chiefs have failed to deliver. Nigerians are now sleepless, they are watching, they have so many things in their minds—whether to go for what they know is safety, security and prosperity or to go for this culture of violence which is now defiling Nigeria as a country.

PDP is a family; it is a family which has a very strong background. It is a family which was built on the reflection of what was Nigeria and the evolution of our great country.



  1. Can Sule remembered 2014 election what happened during your period at Ekiti governotorial election of this Fayose the security double of Buhari but no body talk about

  2. Don’t mind this rascal who called himself a Democrat but who can not even think of anything rather than himself and his household.
    Believe me this moron is reaping what he saw.Beast from He East


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