Buhari Exposed: New Controversy Trails Buhari June 12 Announcement

Buhari Exposed: New Controversy Trails Buhari June 12 Announcement
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Buhari Exposed: New Controversy Trails Buhari June 12 Announcement

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Watch the Video evidence that exposed Buhari’s announcement of June 12 as democratic day as a stolen Idea.
The Action Peoples Party is shocked to see that the President Buhari led Federal Government has now graduated to hijacking ideas of true democrats without giving due credit in a desperate bid to secure lost South West and pro democracy block votes.
Few months ago we launched our Party’s healing and national reconciliation agenda which includes the ceremonial declaration of Abiola the winner of the June 12 election and also the enactment of a legislation called the June 12 Act which will declare June 12 of every year as our National democracy day. We presented the draft bill to the public on live television to express our readiness to heal the wounds of the past and honour our fallen democratic Hero.
APP is in awe that a president who has not done a single creative thing since his election in 2015 would in his desperation to woo South West and pro-democracy votes attempt to hijack a well thought out Iniative of the APP without giving credit to the initiators of the idea.
Let it be known that the announcement of June 12 as democracy day celebration by Buhari, a former employee and ardent believer in Abacha, whose illegal imprisonment of Abiola led to his final death is a desecration and mockery of the June 12 struggle.
To see Buhari pretend to be on the side of June 12 cos of his desperation to garner lost goodwill from South West and pro democracy block is a joke taken too far when the same president few weeks ago was seen praising the former dictator Abacha whose regime denied Nigeria the chance to have an Abiola presidency.
To honour Abiola when Mr. president was a staff of Abacha and supported the suppressive abacha regime without speaking out is ridiculousness of the highest order.
Barr. Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere
National Chairman
Action Peoples Party


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