‘Ripples’ Of Osodieme’s Kindness Across Anambra

‘Ripples’ Of Osodieme’s Kindness Across Anambra

‘Ripples’ Of Osodieme’s Kindness Across Anambra

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By Emeka Ozumba

It was the 16th Century English Christian Writer and Preacher, John Bunyan, who stated, “You have not lived today, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” This perhaps explains the ripples across the nooks and crannies of Anambra state and beyond in the wake of the humanitarian programmes of the wife of Governor of Anambra State, Chief (Mrs.) Ebelechukwu Obiano  (Osodieme) which has shown such kind-heartedness never seen before in the state. Over the course four years, Osodieme has carved an enviable nitch beside her hardworking husband, Chief Willie Obiano; by touching and transforming lives of the less privileged in the society. Interestingly, most beneficiaries of her charitable acts hardly knew her. Yet, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude most of them testify to her overflowing milk of kindness.

A firm advocate of the Blessed Mother Theresa’s motto to “Give, but give until it hurts.” Osodieme has taken a quiet family past-time since 1991 to greater heights in a gesture of love and sacrificial giving to many physically and mentally challenged; indigent widows, the visually impaired, rural women, youths and abandoned babies. Often without prompting she showers unconditional love to the needy by providing to their means.  Across Anambra communities, testimonials are shared by some beneficiaries of Osodieme’s selfless giving who recount their experiences. Excerpts…

Today we will hear from Felicia Okwesili of Uruogbo Village, Enugwu-Ukwu, Njikoka Local Government one of the 1300 persons who got CAFÉ sponsored free prosthetic limbs for the physically challenged persons. The programme which involves two stages of measurement and fitting is currently at stage 4 and is carried out with the technical support of Tolaram Group. Registration for the next phase of the artificial limb fitting is underway at the office of the NGO in Awka.,,


Free Prosthetic Limb Beneficiary

“With this Artificial Leg from Osodieme, I can do anything by myself”

“Many amputees cannot afford this prosthetic fitting because it is expensive. But since I got this it has improved my movement and I do things for myself. The most surprising thing is that I got it free from Osodieme and her husband. They even gave us food and transport to go home that day. Let me tell you, there may never be another governor like Obiano again in Anambra because with Osodieme they are touching everybody positively either directly or indirectly. People testify that Obiano is good to all and God is with him and his family. My prayer is that God will always protect Osodieme and her husband our governor. “

“When I heard that the Governor and his wife are giving the physically challenged artificial limb and feet free of charge, I didn’t believe it. Before now we get crutches but it doesn’t go round and some of us can’t even use crutches. So when I got the text message to come and get this artificial limb I cried for joy. I don’t know how Willie Obiano and his wife Ebelechukwu got the inspiration to help us, but God will continue to reward them all days of their life.”

I am from Enugwu-Ukwu and an instructor at the Skills Acquisition Training Centre, Aguleri which is sponsored by the wife of our governor, Chief (Mrs.) Ebelechukwu Obiano (Osodieme). I lost one leg after a ghastly motorcycle accident in 2005. Since then I learnt Bead making and when they saw that I can do it very well, they engaged me to teach the trainees bead making. There are other sections like Computer repairs, tailoring, leader works etc at the centre. Osodieme is God sent and many people have benefited from her kind heart. “



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