Presidency Orders Criminal Investigation On Sen. Obiorah, Adewumi Ogunsanya For Stealing/Selling Govt Property, Money Laundering

Presidency Orders Criminal Investigation On Sen. Obiorah, Adewumi Ogunsanya For Stealing/Selling Govt Property, Money Laundering

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Information reaching indicates the Presidency has acting to open a criminal investigation into the former senator representing Anambra south district, Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah and his partner, Adewumi Ogunsanya [DSTV boss] for alleged racket involving illegal acquisition of landed properties belonging to the federal government and money laundering.

According to government sources, the duo of Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah and the DSTV Boss, Adewumi Ogunsanya are believed to have set up a land racketeering scheme which they have used repeatedly in the past to generate over N10billion in illegal income.

Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah had used his influence while serving at the Senator Chambers as the House Committee Chairman on House and Urban development. The former Senator had instituted a probe into all landed properties belonging to the Federal Government that may have been sold ‘illegally’ to private individuals or entities. Under this guise, our source reveals, Obiorah ‘smartly’ acquired most of the properties – many worth billions of naira – of which he ‘sold off’ or ‘signed over’ to his partner, the DSTV boss, Adewumi Ogunsanya.

One of the acquisitions which may have broken the Carmel’s back was a piece of property [land] belonging to the federal government of Nigeria – that had been reserved for development of offices and residences for use by Diplomats. It is located in Central Business District in Abuja. In essence, the land was reserved for us for another country to build their embassy.

The former Senator had cornered the said property through his authority as the Chairman of Housing Committee in the Senate. The property is estimated at N3billion. Using his influence at the Senate House Committee, the former Senator was able to corner the piece of real estate at no cost.

A few years after the acquisition, he sold the land to Nigeria Reinsurance Company for N3.5billion. The N3.5billion was then remitted to an unknown third party. Sources at the Presidency confirmed to that the N3.5billion paid to Senator Obiorah, was paid fraudulently. “It was not paid into a Nigerian financial institution – rather it was possibly wired outside the country or laundered through one of the big companies in Nigeria – such as DSTV”.

Nigeria Reinsurance Company, Abuja Office – Presidency Orders Criminal Investigation On Sen. Obiorah, Adewumi Ogunsanya For Stealing/Selling Govt Property, Money Laundering

The sale has since gone bust.

This is as the rightful owners of the said property became aware – and raised alarm. As our correspondent gathered, the country for which the landed area was reserved for Diplomatic use – happens to be a ‘very’ friendly country to the President. is not aware of the identity of the county.

But as expected, the illegal sale quickly reached the desk of the President – who was described as ‘livid’ at the action of the former Senator – and the embarrassment served the country. The President has since directed for an immediate probe into the sale and the financial activities of the former Senator.

Investigators have begun gathering data. They have pointers suggesting the N3.5billion generated from the sale may have been laundered through Adewumi Ogunsanya’s DSTV. “There are no evidence the money was paid directly to Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah”. A significant trail of financial transactions exit between the DSTV boss and the former Senator – such as a recent deposit of N750million into Senator Obiorah’s bank account by Adewumi Ogunsanya.

Both Adewumi Ogunsanya and Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah are holed up in another crisis concerning their sale of properties belonging to Daily Times of Nigeria [DTN]. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] including the Inspector General of Police [IGP] are said to have launched investigations into the activities of the two personalities.

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[Stay tuned for the comprehensive report on Obiorah/Ogunsanya tango with IGP/EFCC]