Evangelical Bishops Award Gov Ortom Most Valuable Governor In Nigeria

Evangelical Bishops Award Gov Ortom Most Valuable Governor In Nigeria

Evangelical Bishops Award Gov Ortom Most Valuable Governor In Nigeria

The International  Communion of Charismatic  and Evangelical Bishops and Apostles, (ICCEBA) has awarded Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State as the most valuable  Governor in Nigeria for the 2017.

ICCEBA on Friday handed Governor Samuel Ortom the International Award of Honour as the Most Valuable Governor in Nigeria for the Year 2017 in recognition of his role in pioneering and providing for the nation, Nigeria, the best solution; the Anti-Open Grazing Law and Ranching policy to ending the menace of herdsmen/farmers clashes in Nigeria and for standing for the truth and telling the most vital truth in the face of stiff opposition.

Leader of the delegation, Arch. Bishop Leonard Kawas of World Harvest Ministries, Abuja, said they had come to commiserate with the state over the gruesome murder of over 73 people in an attack believed to be sponsored by Miyetti Alllah leadership.

“We are deeply saddened by this development which shows on record that attacks on innocent peasant farmers in Benue alone are in the neighbourhood of 50 or more.

“We totally condemn this act and call on President Buhari led government  to ensure that the perpetrators  and sponsors of these evil acts are arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law.

ICCEBA also called for appropriate  sanctions on the security forces who have been very negligent inspite of earlier warnings that was made public.

The Bishops urged Governor Ortom to remain steadfast, unmovable saying there is no doubt that the recent anti-open grazing law and ranching policy is the panacea to ending the manace of herdsmen/farmers clashes in Nigeria.

“You have always stood by the truth and always spoken the teuth. We thank you for standing by the Benue people and not negotiating their destiny away. This stance of your is novel and priceless. We , ICCEBA, is 100 percent behind you and have taken it upon ourselves to continuously mobilize the entire church group in Nigeria and all over the World to stand form with you”, Bishop Kawas added.

In his response, Governor Samuel Ortom thanked the Bishops for fulfilling the scriptures of mourning with Benue in time of grief saying “we are encouraged and inspite of intimidation, blackmail and threats that is against us, we will hold unto God, we are not going to waver or be shaken.”

Ortom who said Benue has been attacked over 40 time and have suffered casualties and destruction of lives and property expressed surprise that the Federal government is rather playing to the gallery and instead of tackling headlong the evil that confronts the country, they are diverting attention with grazing reserve and cow colonies.

He still insisted that there is no going back on the law and called on Nigerians and authorities especially to eshew selfishness and ensure equity, fairness and justice for all citizens.



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