INEC National Commissioner, Amina Zakari Sighted At Tony Nwoye’s Hotel In Awka


INEC National Commissioner, Amina Zakari Sighted At Tony Nwoye’s Hotel In Awka

INEC National Commissioner, Amina Zakari Lodged At Tony Nwoye’s Hotel In Awka

Information available to from sources at the Best Western Hotel in Awka, Anambra State indicate that the National Commissioner of INEC [Independent National Electoral Commission], Amina Zakari was sighted at the Best Western Hotel where she was lodged for two days and counting.

According to the available information, the National Commissioner who is in charge of the most sensitive aspect of the election project – Operations and Logistics was sighted at the Best Western Hotel yesterday. Ironically, the Best Western Hotel, had been booked fully by the APC [All Progressive Congress] gubernatorial campaign team of Tony Nwoye – and serves as their makeshift campaign headquarters.

In talking to our source, it was not readily made certain what Amina Zakari’s mission to Awka was but it was made certain that the entire rooms at the hotel were booked up by the APC campaign team. The source noted that how the INEC National Commissioner of Operations and Logistics was able to obtain a room at the hotel remains a puzzle. reached out to the chief press secretary to the INEC Chairman, Rotimi Oyekanmi concerning Amina Zakari’s presence in Awka, and whether she was aware that the Best Western Hotel is virtually serving as the APC campaign headquarters. The chief press secretary requested for the question to be sent via sms. The question was dispatched via sms. He promised to revert back but as at press time, he did not.

Meanwhile in a related development, was informed that the APC, the national ruling party have decided on not changing the present REC and the Police Commissioner. They decided to use the present REC and his team instead.

This was following a meeting by the APC strategic committee where they met with the Anambra REC and his team along with Bauchi State Governor, Barrister Abubakar. At the conclusion of the meeting, the REC expressed willingness to work with Abubakar and the APC team. But Abubakar, according to our source is not uncomfortable with the REC’s pledge. He [Abubakar] thought it unrealistic for the REC not to be loyal to the Anambra Governor.

The Rigging Plan: According to our reliable source, the APC plan is to direct all electoral sensitive materials to the INEC office at the various LGAs, and not to the LGA itself. They claim the difference is that at the INEC office in the LGA, there is limited space for all involved persons to enter. But at the LGA, there is ample space, the ample space enables all involved persons to enter and observe what is happening.


With all the materials directed to the INEC office at the LGA, the riggers will have the closed opportunity to alter results.

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