Anambra Poll: Why It’s Obiano, Not Nwoye Or Obaze – Says APGA Chieftain, Egwuoba

Anambra Poll: Why It’s Obiano, Not Nwoye Or Obaze – Says APGA Chieftain, Egwuoba

Anambra Poll: Why It’s Obiano, Not Nwoye Or Obaze – Says APGA Chieftain, Egwuoba

From Chuks Collins, Awka

As the political temperature in Anambra state continues to rise, and the countdown on the scheduled Nov 18,2017 Governorship poll begins, a chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA), Chief Charles Egwuoba-Ezekwesili has sent a message to the citizens detailing why they should allow the incumbent Dr Willie Obiano to consolidate his achievements with a smooth and peaceful reelection.

The Anambra West council-born international businessman enumerated some of the key achievements of Obiano and believed that if allowed to do a second term it would advance development of the state beyond anybody’s imagination.
Egwuoba-Ezekwesili, in a three page release to journalists in Awka, copy of which was made available to our Correspondent, noted that “Gov Obiano has been severally and serially adjudged the best performing governor in the country by independent local, international and multinational agencies and organizations.

“Security is now guaranteed in all parts of the state. No more bank robberies or rampant kidnap/banditry. This has made the state internationally acknowledged by the United Nations as safest among the 36 states in the country.

“More and more local and foreign investors have been trooping into Anambra since the Obiano security magic began. Others who had closed shops and ran away before his arrival are now backs and in business.

“When he said he would fight crime with jobs, many didn’t believe or understand him. Today, with many industries that are now basking in the conducive secure operational environment, more of our teeming youths have been employed and taken off the streets. This has also brought the number of destitute within our communities to the barest. And he has just spent three and half years.

“His reelection would have completed the 8-year tenure of the North senatorial zone, thereby making it possible for power balance and fairness to rotate back to the South zone smoothly without any rancour.

He pointed out that Anambra state under Obiano has remained the only state paying her workers regularly, building roads, bridges, fly-overs within its 177 communities. That the unique “choose-your-project” initiative for all communities in the state has remained indelible as it has touched all the constituting communities with government presence simultaneously quietly and peacefully.

That APGA has been following the footsteps and guide of the late Igbo leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu who warned us against letting go of our natural identity.

According to the party chieftain, “No one wants this beautiful indicative truncated if Obiano is removed. With the sustenance of the policy, Anambra communities would develop faster….”

That despite being bequeathed with a staggering N127billion debt and about 6000 workers who were recruited by the former administration on the morning he assumed office, Obiano has been managing the situation with equanimity and candor and truly needs to be commended and appreciated.

Which was reason Dr Alex Otti of Abia state APGA described the governor as ‘tomorrow’s man with us today. A product worthy of export. And that Anambra is very lucky to have him at this age and time’.
Chief Egwuoba-Ezekwesili therefore urged Dr Tony Nwoye of the All Progressives Congress(APC) and Mr Oseloka Obaze of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) to shelve their aspiration till next four years in the interest of sound political judgement. He went ahead also to chronicle reasons in his views why they cannot take it this time.
For Nwoye, he noted that APC ideology remains strange to the state/geopolitical zone, and does not signpost the beliefs and identity, ways and lifestyle of people of the state.
“We have no part or inheritance in it. This, their leaders have remained consistent in telling us through projects, appointments and relevance in their control of the federal government.

“APC-controlled states do not pay workers’ salaries. It is a failed party on its way out in the next general election. They failed woefully at the states under their control, failed big-time at the federal level.

“The party has no manifesto to govern Anambra state. APC only supports every anti-people policies. They opposed restructuring that would enthrone equity and fairness to all the nation’s federating units. Restructuring would have given the South East additional two states, additional number of Senators, House of Representatives members, Local Government Areas, electoral Wards, polling units and voice in nation’s scheme of things.

“It would give us more Ministers, Ambassadors, judges, universities, federal government colleges, undergraduate admission opportunities, more educational/medical resources, federal roads, NTA, FRCN, FMC, offices/jobs and generally more resources.

“Today, when some states go home with three or four portions of the national resources, occupy same margin of national offices/estate, we are forced to manage a portion. This now make us underdogs from day one, even in our own homes.

“Our wives, sisters, daughters, farms, produce, lands, cash crops, streams, premises are invaded, raped and killed at will. Yet no one baits an eyelid, making it look normal and ideal. No. It is not.

“If we, as equal ‘outsiders’ have been having difficulty getting heard, Tony Nwoye as an insider wouldn’t dare raise a voice of dissent to the almighty emperor on the throne and his many other minions. No matter how close one thinks he is to and with them, as long as you do not speak like them, act like them, dress like them, serve their god, you are very very outside!

“APC has no plans for Nigerians, Anambra inclusive. So much propaganda, so much blame game while they keep helping themselves with the cookie. One of their family has told the world that their anti-corruption disinfectant  was for the rest of us, but when a family member is caught red handed, deodorant is applied. Many such cases abound- the suspended billionaire grasscutter, fatherless/motherless millions at Kaduna airport, the billion excreting luxury flat at Osborne Road, the $25billion contract-awarding big boy, etc.

“They planned their railline, international airports, enhanced electricity generation/supply, oil producing status, trunk ‘A’ federal highways, but nothing for us. These are projects being funded by loans being paid by all of us and even our unborn generations.

“Nwoye should know that people with deep and established experience have it tough governing Anambra state, let alone an administrative neophyte whose only working experience was being a students union leader. Please don’t make me laugh. Besides politics, where would anyone rational person measure Obiano with Nwoye!”

In his views, Obiano has been governing Anambra state like a man who is in charge, and is nobody’s godson as he has no godfather. That the antics of Nwoye’s godfathers, just like many such bosses in the past would only be imagined.

As for the PDP, though Egwuoba-Ezekwesili doubts if Obaze would participate in the Nov 18 election as an independent candidate or on the platform of the PDP. This was because all the evidence points to one direction, that he is yet to validly register as a member of the party in his Umuodu-Ochuche Ward in Ogbaru LGA.

That he was also being accused of presenting alleged fraudulently signed membership card. That none of the relevant Ward Chairman or Secretary signed his membership card. That none of the old, new or factional registers of the party has his name in his Ward as stipulated by the electoral Act.

Sad that such man presents himself as the former governor’s “boy”, who many wonder if he knows his kindred, let alone the state he intends to govern as he lived all his working life overseas.

Describing him as a visibly fine gentleman who may be good but that he actually need more time to understand and understudy the state and the idiosyncrasies of the component zones and areas.

The APGA chieftain noted that “Mr Obaze speaks very well, but having Mr Peter Obi by his side whispering into his ear and mouth always, and often speaking for him portrays him as a stooge. He only perhaps relying on Obi’s speeches, plans and programme. It’s such that even his radios jingles are saying so too.”



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