Breaking News: Sun Newspaper Circulation Officer Shot Dead


Information reaching indicates that the circulation official Fabian Obi has been shot today’s morning at his office located along Awka road in Onitsha by suspected armed robbers.

According initial reports, the robbers believed to be two in number approached the busy area of Awka road in Onitsha on motorcycle and climbed upstairs to the Sun Newspaper circulation office where Fabian Obi was seated counting money generated from sales of newspapers and advertisement.

It is uncertain what transpired to result to the fatal shot delivered into Fabian Obi’s body but his body was recovered dead with a bullet shot.

The two armed robbers – after the shooting – exited the building with the money and rode off in their motorcycle. They escaped.

An eyewitness told that it was surprising how the robbers managed to escape the crowded area of Awka road. The witness wondered how they fired a shot without being heard.

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