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30th September, 2017


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The leadership and members of United Progressive Party (UPP) felicitate with Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 57th Independence Anniversary.

We thank God for keeping Nigeria united despite unprecedented military intervention, civil war, political upheavals, economic recession, religious tensions, terrorism, Boko Haram insurgency, militancy, kidnappings, armed robberies and social injustice that breed agitations and secession in some parts of the country.

The occasion calls for sober reflection on the vision of the nation’s founding fathers who labored for a Federal Republic of Nigeria based on the principles of democracy and social justice.

Today, the state of the nation is bad and requires a revolutionary agenda as propounded and articulated by the United Progressive Party to put it on the path of rectitude and development.

UPP is of the firm view that its manifesto of self-determination, restructuring, referendum, unconditional release of prisoners of conscience, resource control, state police/community policing, true federalism etc, are the panacea for the multifarious challenges facing the nation.

UPP reaffirms its policy to zone its presidential slot to the South East geopolitical zone. This means therefore that come the general election of 2019 as published by INEC, the presidential candidate of our great party shall come from the South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. UPP is the only true progressive party that will grant all federating units the latitude to explore and exploit their comparative advantages for national growth and development, if elected into power.

UPP advocates the use of the Electronic Voting System in all elections in Nigeria to ensure the credibility and transparency of the electoral process as obtainable in advanced democracies. The party calls on INEC to use the upgraded Card Reader  which will transmit results direct from the polling units to the central server.in the forthcoming Anambra State Governorship election to stop the rumour that the Commission is already compromised. It is the best electoral service and gift INEC will offer to Nigerians who have been serially robbed of their votes by political buccaneers masquerading as democrats.

We urge the Anambra State electorate to vote massively for the United Progressive Party’s Governorship and Deputy Governorship Candidates, Chief Osita Chidoka and Chief Marcel Ogbonnaya Okeke respectively in the 18th November 2017 gubernatorial poll.

UPP has offered the good people of Anambra State the best Governorship Candidate who along with his running mate and stakeholders will formulate policies and programmes that will transform the State and provide dividends of democracy to the longsuffering citizens. Osita Chidoka is a symbol of a tiger who will protect the assets of Anambra people, develop the state, and create jobs that will improve the people’s standard of living. The UPP manifesto is the party’s social contract with the people.

The UPP revolutionary agenda in Anambra State include: Functional, qualitative Free Education; Free Health Care; Aggressive Agriculture Development; Comprehensive and constant road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance; Industrialization using the private sector as delivery vehicle; Poverty neutralization through capacity building, capacity enhancement and capacity utilization; Rural transformation through provision of modern infrastructure; Urban re-generation and development; Youth Development and Re-orientation through provision of employment opportunities and opportunities to be self-employed; Development of Tourism which will be tied to our industrialization programme; Harnessing our cultural endowments for societal development; Turning around the sports sub-sector to an image-enhancing, health-giving and economic development agency through provision of world-class facilities including Olympic size sports stadia.

The recent deployment of the military in the South East has raised a lot of controversy which is not good for our democracy and the unity of this country. The party calls on the Federal Government to review it in the interest of peace, stability, unity and progress of the nation.






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