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Buhari Government’s Torture, Murder Of Pro-Biafrans, Too Gruesome For FaceBook



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The torture and gore by soldiers deployed to the south east of Nigeria by the Buhari administration is apparently too gruesome for FaceBook.

Most accounts that published the video have received warnings over the reprehensibility of the video and the video has been pulled by FaceBook for being “too distasteful” for the FaceBook community.

The five minute video can still be viewed on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uklBYyx602E


In the video, several Nigerian soldiers are seen whipping suspected pro-Biafrans with thick sticks as they usher them to be drowned in a pond of muddy water. The event reportedly took place on Umuahia expressway.

The stripped and whipped victims are then forced to stay submerged face down in the muddy water for an untold length of time.

Buhari’s troops under serially castigated General Buratai’s command are also seen forcing the youth to lay down on their backs and look at the glaring African sun. This form of torture predisposes to permanent eye damage.

In the video, at least one youth is seen lying face down in the mud, clearly dead. There is no reaction from the troops over the dead civilians as the soldiers continue to torture the several dozen youth with glee. It is impossible to tell if the dead were beaten, shot or drowned to death. There is no official update on how many if any of the youth is still alive and what condition they are in. If they have been buried it is likely to be another secret mass grave, Buhari trademark event.

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The army in a release seemed more interested in figuring out who shot the video with no sign of army chief Tukur Buratai intending to resign over the serial deadly army violations, in spite of his two year term being up.

In defense of the actions, presidential spokesman Garba Shehu cited previous brutality events by Buhari across Nigeria, arguing that why is there an uproar over this event in the East when Buhari has perpetuated similar despotic atrocities even in his north.

It is recollected that as many as 1000 minority Muslims were similarly gruesomely massacred by the Buhari government when the same army chief Buratai’s convoy was blocked by angry protesting youth. In that event in December of 2015, troops were dispatched to at least 6 unique locations where they reportedly massacred and burned alive hundreds of members of Nigeria’s Shia minority community with aid from local civilian terrorists. The massacres were concealed with an immediate secret mass burial as confirmed several-months later by confessions of the Kaduna state government. No soldier has been discharged or sentenced for that event.

There are several other similar massacres typically accompanied by secret burials under Buhari, a former military dictator’s cap. Some in Delta state and some in Onitsha.

In Buhari’s militarised Nigeria, there has yet been no role for the police, now rendered no better than “boy scouts,” who should have been the ones to control the situation and investigate, arrest and charge to court, violent pro-Biafran agitators.

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Buhari has followed up the “illegal” deployment of troops and brutality against the now violent pro-Biafrans with a declaration of the parent body, IPOB as a terrorist organisation.

This rapid declaration has made Nigeria’s president en route the US for the UN assembly meeting, by way of London for a possible doctor’s visit; subject of contempt. Buhari seems quick to proscribe IPOB but has for months stalled and deliberately failed to bring his friend, SGF Babachir Lawal to justice for looting millions of dollars meant for displaced victims of Boko Haram. The president has also dillydallied in the scandalous case of a stunning find of $43 million stashed in a house purchased by the wife of his National Intelligence Agency boss, Ayodele Oke. Both acts of economic terror.

Tweets ask why Buhari who was known to have aggressively opposed the war against Boko Haram terrorists and whose current Minister of information in 2013 objected to the proscription of Boko Haram and Ansaru terror organisations, is now quick to do same to and declare IPOB the same.

Perhaps it is all in the spirit of Nigeria’s deadly and distastefully evil politics.

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