The Quest To Re-arrest Kanu: A Joke Stretched Too Far – By John Danfulani, Ph.D

The Biggest Shame On The Igbo Race Is Their Silence Over The Disappearance Of Nnamdi Kanu – By Ikechukwu Nnaji

On 25th August,2017,the Attorney General of the federation(AGF) Mr.Abubakar Malami(SAN) wrote a memoir to Hon.Justice Binta Nyako beseeching the judge to revoke the bail the lordship granted the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) on 25th April,2017. AGF MaLami pretended to pillar his irredentist-inspired  memoir on Mazi Kanu’s violation of his bail conditions.

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A casual perusal of opinions AGF Malami’s memoir generated suggest;unintended  outweighed intended consequences. And finally confirmed President Muhammadu Buhari and his rapacious men in the loop chronic irredentists and nepotists working hard to convert Nigeria to a semi-apartheid state where peoples ethnicity and religion determines how they treat them.

One of the best reaction to AGF Malami’s bail revocation request came from Ndigbo’s Pan cultural body Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Mr.John Nwodo ,the leader of the body, inflicted moral and legal uppercuts on the FGN and accused the AGF of bias. His moral punch came in these word:”I am equally miffed by the audacity with which the Attorney-General displays his bias without regard to his oath of office”. On legal ground,Nwodo Piqued:”I am amazed that the distinguished attorney is prepared to contest the superiority of the provisions of the constitution on fundamental human rights of freedom of movement and freedom of association over an erroneous judicial proclamation violating those rights”.

Ohanaeze’s swift, sharp and unequivocal reaction to AGF’s request is the sign that the end of Nigerian “Aryan Race” treatment of others as a conquered and captured people is coming to a disastrous end.

AGF Malami’s request has raised question bordering their refusal to arrest and prosecute Arewa Youths that gave Igbos living in Northern Nigeria a Quit Notice on 6th June,2017, a decision now known as THE KADUNA DECLARATION.A day after their press conference(7/6/2017),Kaduna State Governor Mr.Nasir El-rufai, FGN, and the chairman of Northern Governors Forum threatened thunder and brimstone.

While the arrest orders hangs,these miscreants and intended “genociders” kept appearing as guests in media houses,reviewing their Quit Notice,and daring those that ordered for their arrest.Funny enough,at some point,we started seeing their pictures with some governors that threatened to arrest them. The peaked of this drama was staged on 24th August 2017-a day the felons “officially withdrew” their Quit Notice.The Chairman of Northern Governors Forum was at the venue and participated in the press conference.

In addition to these curious scenes,the FGN via the minister of interior became their official mouthpiece by saying; the felons were misquoted,hence FGN’s refusal to arrest them.The question begging for answer here is; if they were misquoted,why the official withdrawal of the Quit notice on 24th June 2017?  This shows their poverty in logic and act of monitoring their lies.

While playing their script of official withdrawing of the Quit Notice,they ordered the FGN to rearrest the IPOB leader.To show that they are a tag team,FGN via Malami within 24hrs wrote his memoir- a demonstration that; rearresting Kanu was part of their overall game plan. The flow of events made it easy for proverbial Benjamin The Donkey to connect the dots with ease of knife on butter.

Equally, King Solomon’s wisdom in not desire to discern that Arewa Youths are jumping jacks of a scheme incubated and hatched by some government personas in tandem with some Northern  regional power pullers. Their assumption is,when they issue the Quit Notice to Igbos living in the north,that will make Igbos mount pressure on IPOB’s leader to sink his referendum Advocacy.

I guess they are now licking their wounds because their criminalistic project boomeranged. Their tactless decision has attracted a decision by the United Nations.The whole world is patiently waiting to see whether they will respect the UN’s order or will wear a deaf ear. One good thing is, whether they act or not,another government will make them account for their criminality.

There is not stretching the fact;Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB’s Advocacy for a UN monitored referendum for Biafra is responsible for all these drama and melodrama that is forcing the FGN to dance necked in the public square. Let me state for the umpteenth time;Mazi Kanu and IPOB’s clamour for a referendum for Baifrans have a base in local and international laws.Their quest falls under the globally acceptable principle of SELF-DETERMINATION.

FGN and other pro system ideologue’s attempts of decorating the  Baifrans struggle and strugglers for self determination in a felonious regalia do not have a legal  nuisance value. And malnourish of logic and syllogism because it was on the same principle that our nationalists fought for our self rule and successfully liquidated colonial rule on 1st October 1960.

The most pettiest dimension of FGN’s take is equating the push for self determination with treason or call to war without providing a convincing nexus between the two.FGN is behaving as if it is not aware that countries like: Crimea;South Sudan;Eritrea;Kosovo were product of contemporary referendums. And Catalans, Scots and Irish are pushing for referendums. Governments of countries that aforementioned referendums occurred and advocacies are on;did not and are not criminalizing or equating them with a call to war. Why is Nigeria one of its kind?

More often,you hear enemies of freedom and liberty spewing bunkum balderdash like;cooperate existence of Nigeria is not negotiable despite rumbling echoes of centrifugalism and centripetalism in the political atmosphere. It is essential for those benefitting from the 1914 political contraption called Nigeria know that no amount of threat and brutality will quench voices and activism questioning the very foundation of the country that consciously made them second class citizens. And placed bars to the height they can attain,politically.

Whether apologists of the  lopsided system are cherry or wear stone stone faces,they can’t wished away the compelling realism that Nigeria was mischievously manufactured by U.K.imperialists to advanced  their economic and political interest.Because the intent was heinous,every structure crafted was unjust and titanically skewed. To state the truth,devoid of any political correctness,the colonial masters created a semi-apartheid state with our own version of “Boers” to sustain colonial and post colonial political structures.

Now that IPOB and most South East political juggernauts vowed to resist this impunity and attempt to rearrest Kanu,what are the options on FGN’s table? To turn-tail-run or to roll out the tanks against Kanu and his people?  Or order for the arrest of every soul that opposed FGN’s dictatorial,irredentist and nepotic move to revoke Kanu’s bail and criminalization of the clamour for a referendum?

The character of President Muhammadu Buhari of today is the same with that of General of 31/12/1983-27/8/1985. The same highhandedness,intransigence,my-way or highway mentality,and sadism is on display. The dictum that said no amount of downpour can  wash away spots on the skin of a leopard is at play. His statement that he is a born again democrats during the electioneering campaigns is dissimulative and a bogus votes hunting mantra.

AGF Malami’s memoir is simply a joke stretched too far.



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