Fake Niger Delta Pro Buhari Protesters Shutdown Federal Secretariat


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Today, the federal secretariat in Abuja was shutdown. The pro Buhari protesters blockaded the street leading to the federal secretariat hold banners claiming to be Niger Deltans supporters.

Today’s protest comes a day following the violence attack by the supporters of the Buhari administration against the protesters led by Charlie boy – who were protesting the prolonged stay of the President in London. They termed their protest, resume or resume. The Charlie boy led group managed to escape death by the whiskers.

Interestingly, close inspection by our correspondent of the protesters at today’s venue revealed the identity of the protesters were not Niger Deltans. They were largely youths from the core north. Most of them spoke the Hausa language and none of them spoke any of the Niger Delta languages. Further inspection of the crowd revealed most were youth with thuggish demeanor, they smoked cigarettes while screaming curses at Charlie Boy in Hausa language. They were holding up placards saying PDP please stop protesting against Buhari.

The police presence was significant. Armored trucks and police in horses were present. They were seen exchanging banters with the crowd in Hausa language. The atmosphere seemed calm and relaxed. The heavy security presence did not appear threatening.

The traffic congestion was however unbearably affected by the shutdown.

See pictures below:



  1. I see situation of things in Nig. the people posing for war is the northerners any little peaceful uproar they poised to kill but they’ve not seen war not that kind war in sixisties and they should know that the people they dealing with are scattered all over the world and they have so many contacts to import ammunition legal or illegal and they have the money mostly the northerners rely only on government of UK, America which you know UN will not allow them to do so and obviously the middle belt,west and south south like other tribes will never join them rather they fight against them let there so called areas leaders inform them very well because when it comes the whole Hausa/Fulani land will go on flames and they will not even have a place to hatch there chickens to talk of laying there eggs am not begging them but to look very well before they leap.


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