Ebonyi Gov Sponsored Thugs To Terrorize Abakiliki Market Traders For Supporting IPOB” – IPOB

Atiku/Obi: South East Was Never Consulted - Umahi

We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership worldwide, under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the prophet of our time, condemn in its entirety the role played by Gov. David Umahi in the illegal invasion of Abakiliki  Market by his thugs as reprisal attack for the overwhelming support the good people of Ebonyi State, especially the traders, accorded our leader during his last visit to the state.

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This Ebonyi State Governor David Nweze Umahi ordered his henchmen to invade the central market in Abakiliki yesterday to terrorise traders by destroying their goods and properties worth millions of Naira as punishment for shutting down their businesses to come out to welcome our leader. This wholly barbaric and uncivilized behavior coming from an elected public official is indicative of the moral decay at the heart of governance in Nigeria especially Ebonyi State.

That Gov. Umahi sought to belittle his office by ordering this unwarranted attack on innocent people purely to demonstrate his slavish loyalty to his Hausa Fulani masters confirms the widely held view that South East governors, more than any other geo-political zone, are political quislings at the beck and call of the Arewa North. They have no mind of their own and therefore will do anything to please their Northern masters, even if it means killing their own people.

Political office holders like Gov. Dave Umahi, especially those that owe their political survival to Hausa Fulani patronage are driven by reactionary tendencies such as petty jealousy and not  deep ideological conviction. The acceptance of the gospel of Biafra restoration as preached by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not and can never be a crime in any civilized society that pretends to operate under the tenets of democracy.

It is shameful that the only crime the traders in Abakiliki central market committed was to came out enmasse to witness the arrival of our leader as has been the case wherever he goes. Ebonyi is not the first state to grant him a rapturous welcome and neither will it be the last. Such infantile and envious clampdown on traders and IPOB officers in Ebonyi will hasten David Umahi’s return into political oblivion.

His hope that Hausa Fulani election rigging machinery will return him to power in 2019 is misplaced and naïve because for the first time in 50 years, power has returned to ordinary people courtesy of IPOB agitation for freedom. We therefore wonder why David Umahi decided to play this destructive game of confrontation with the masses at this critical point in our history.

We are not unaware that Gov. David Umahi has been goading security operatives in Ebonyi State populated by Hausa Fulani Muslims to undertake house to house search and arrest of IPOB family members across the state.
There is ongoing kidnapping and abduction of mostly IPOB members in Ebonyi State to unknown destination by these Arewa security operatives, which proves that David Umahi is actively working with outsiders to kill his own people. These criminal abductions and kidnappings are part of the bidding Dave Umahi must do in order to please his Hausa Fulani political masters in far away Arewa North who promised him the position of vice president in 2019.

It is unfortunate that David Umahi who is supposed to protect the lives and properties of indigenes of Ebonyi and others living in the state, have turned to making life unbearable for law abiding citizens resident in the state. We are hereby calling on all men and women of good conscience in Ebonyi State and beyond to call David Umahi to order because this despotic tendency will ruin him personally and politically.

David Umahi should know that at this moment, IPOB is without doubt the largest and most potent freedom fighting outfit anywhere in the whole world. We are firmly entrenched in Ebonyi State and picking a fight with IPOB will bring about his downfall. Should he wish to continue serving his Northern political masters, he should relocate to Sokoto because Ebonyi State is one of the strongest states in Biafranland where the citizens are seriously determined to restore Biafra and David Umahi cannot quench the desire of Ebonyi people in this regard.




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