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—call for re-run, substitution or cancellation of the primary election
—suspension of Tony Nwoye and Senator Andy Uba

Tension has risen in the flanks of the All Progressives Congress (APC), over the emergence of Comrade Tony Nwoye as the flag bearer of the party for the Governorship election in Anambra state come November 18th, 2017.
Already four support groups registered with the national secretariat of APC, have rejected the election of Comrade Nwoye, appealing to the National Working Committee (NWC) and the Presidency to drop Nwoye as the flag bearer of the party if the party must win the Governorship election.
The Groups were not only calling for the cancellation of the primary election that produced Comrade Nwoye but as well called on NWC of APC to order for a re-run in which Senator Andy Uba and Hon Tony Nwoye would not participate.
The organizations calling for cancellation of Nwoye as the flag bearer of the party include the Anambra All Progressives Congress Forum Abuja led by Chief Obum Ozuanwu and All Progressives Congress Voters Club led by Ifeanyi Obinna.

Others are South-East All Progressive Congress Forum led by its Coordinator Mazi Chuzzy and Igbo/Yoruba Unity Forum led by Godwin Okafor. They asked him to stop commending President Buhari and the APC for a level playing ground as it is not necessary, vowing to work against the party if Nwoye is not substituted.

Spokesperson of the groups and National Vice Chairman of Coalition of APC Support Groups South-East Zone Mazi Chuzzy called for the suspension of Comrade Tony Nwoye and Senator Andy Uba from APC for openly sharing money to procure votes at the venue of the primary election and even asking delegates to take pictures of their votes in order to collect more money after voting.

The groups asked President Muhammadu Buhari NWC of APC to give the party a clean candidate in Anambra as its flag bearer and to direct that Nwoye by dropped, warning that Comrade Nwoye cannot be the candidate of the APC in  Anambra Governorship election unless the party is not going into the election to win, adding that Nwoye as a former PDP leader still has sympathy for the party and would sabotage the party in the elections.

The groups wanted a better and credible candidate to be used to substitute Nwoye to enable the party win the elections as according to them Nwoye has so much baggage allegedly on him including his godfather who has spent over N3 Billion allegedly just for the primary.

Part of the statement read in part: ‘’ these support organizations registered with APC national Secretariat are calling for the cancellations of the just concluded Anambra state Governorship Primary. The party’s NWC should order for a re-run and we are calling for a suspension of Tony Nwoye and Andy Uba from participating in the re-run.

‘’Our Party, the APC is known for its anti-corruption stance and we should not allow people from the PDP with corruption hanging on them to come and take the position of rightful party members. Nwoye and Uba should first be members of the party and wait for their turn to participate in the party’s primary but not now. Some people have been in the party for long and they just came to take the position of those who have been in the party. We won’t allow that.
‘’Why should our party known for fighting corruption offer its ticket to Nwoye who spent 16 years in PDP and was allegedly associated with the atrocities of the PDP in the state especially during Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige as Governor, when Ngige was kidnapped and Government establishments burnt.
‘’Why should delegates choice be twisted because a money bag was bent on sponsoring a candidate in a manner, that seems an imposition on the party. The money bag spent between N18.5 Million and N20 Million in each local government openly to woo delegates against their conscience. That is not the spirit of APC but PDP.
‘’Nwoye is a man that has been accused of so many things including being a cultist, participating in the killing of the Igwe’s during Mbadinuju’s era, burning of Anambra public structures and despite that the party has the final say in the screening of candidates, we call on the DSS to bring out Tony’s records from his student days to his PDP days till now, and see why APC should not have him as its candidate.
‘’Constitution of Nigeria and even our party is clear on membership of a cult group as alleged and why should APC with its slogan of change pick a PDP apologist as its flag bearer. PDP was corrupt, Nwoye and Uba shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in the primary. Yes! Nwoye was elected as the candidate but we want him substituted with a candidate who is credible or have a re-run of the primary with credible candidates who can win election for APC in Anambra. Nwoye isn’t that candidate and the party is supreme on such issues because it has happened in the past and this won’t be any different.
‘’If this is allowed, how can APC survive in the South-East? We have tried it before in some other states, by allowing candidates who are not credible  represent the party and we failed like a pack of cards, so we won’t allow such again.



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