The Meeting To Save The Cake – By Igwe Ejikeme Peter

nPDP Members Meet Osinbajo, Say It’s Too Early To Talk About Quitting

The generals are running around to save their oil wells. The business men are afraid of the fire that could burn their warehouse and goods. They are caught in the web and their assets are unmovable and lastly the hungry man in the street is shouting and he his unheard because they were not listening.

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It is worthy of note how the executive rallied round after the quite notice by group of northern youths to protect the national cake that an Ex-president declared can go around. If it was a doll it should be slapped to correct that virus.

The elite in senate and the executive with the generals and business men are all trying to save their cakes. To do that would calm the tension; they agreed to move the discussion to restructuring. It is gaining momentum and yet the voice of the hungry man in the street is not heard.

While you may call them uneducated, touts and hungry the sure thing they do have is that they own this nation but they do not realize it yet. You the leader, the government exist at their graces ask Egypt if you think I am lying. The tip of the ice berg is the quit notice and the Biafra question.

Who will hear the hungry man? There are three ways this would end. One the government starts listening, not listening to themselves but listening to the hungry man in the street because they see you with those exorbitant cars, fancy suits, spacious mansions and overseas travels and what fills their heart? If… if I would be there. It’s no longer waiting for your turn or the cake would go round. It has been overtaken by jealousy and envy is already at the door with guns. It would not be one man it will be millions of angry youths with guns, wood and hatred in their hearts.

The Agitators are asking for referendum. Why not give them one, you have the chance or wait for them to demand for it. They are seeing you as their oppressor. The government is oppressive and there is only one way to get freedom from the hand of the oppressor. It is by vehement determination to keep on demanding it with civil disobedience guaranteed as enabling instrument.

Three, you will refuse to do the above two and the country will end up in deep crisis or war. Some of the elites would leave the country as a coward you are while the hungry Nigerians will kill themselves. There in the foreign land you would loss relevance, you would enter train like a normal person and pay your tax when you conduct business. Things you have refused to do here. Then more fondly you will obey traffic and follow a queue. There would not be any body guard or police or military orderly to harass people around you, open your door and salute you. All the sycophants would be gone and you will just be back to who you truly are in the world. Simply a man without influence and ordinary law abiding immigrant in wherever part of the world you may decide to stay.

Conversely, the fight would go on here, many will die and many will live and eventually It will come down to one thing you have refused to do at first and that is, that Nigeria and it boundaries are negotiable. A man once said that Nigeria has been negotiating it freedom and boundaries from the day of amalgamation until now. This is evident in the plebiscite that saw southern Cameroon leave, the Biafra war and the ceding of Bakassi peninsula.

When the negotiation is completed, that is when the hungry man has been truly heard. The outcome of that negotiation would be a fair constitution forged on equality or a fair disintegration based on irreconcilable differences.

So I heard that corrupt generals and leaders and business men that had milked our resources are now calling for restructure? Some are even saying that what this country needs is to strengthen our institutions and all that blah…blah.. Interesting, we have seen how that works in the police, in the army what of the judiciary and the greedy national assembly.

Restructuring is good but the only thing it is going to create is new lords and new thieves if the people of this country first of all do not sit to talk and that should happen when every ethnic group in this country has been granted the right to vote for one indissoluble or dissoluble Nigeria. If they vote for indissoluble then that would be the basis for the talk or else we are wasting our time. Not when a group of politicians that loves to eat cakes come together to protect the cake at the comfort of their houses shared their opinion that Nigeria is indissoluble. It is laughable.

Let take another look at the issue of strengthening our constitution as an alternative suggested by a president. Mr. acting President it is wrong for you to arrest a man expressing his opinion as guaranteed by the constitution you declared to protect. If you so loved the constitution so very much as a professor of law why have you not advised your boss Mr. president that it’s wrong to violate the constitution which you swore to uphold. Dasuki, we know of Kanu’s bail condition. A beautiful example that comes to mind is the WAEC scandal. You know when the seat is shifted you know what people are capable of, especially if they did not have power and now have it. You begin to see things differently.

So to strengthen the constitution is it to amend what we do not want. Who and who are going to do that? The national assembly that has proven to love only themselves and the ethnic affiliations they belong to. Patching a bad work will make it worse what we need is a new constitution based on the people’s choice.

While you are on acting capacity what have you done on the interim to ensure a no repeat of this gross violation of our constitution. Nothing, I will like to give you the benefit of doubt, we have tried an academic doctor and he did his bit. It is now the turn of a professor. What will you do? Whatever it is if not well managed and presented I think very soon it will now move us from ethnic crisis to the elite against the hungry man. Our time is ticking.




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