Group Gives EEDC 21-Day Ultimatum To Provide Constant Power Or Lose Services In Abia

4 Sentenced To Jail For Assaulting EEDC Staff And Vandalizing Its Installation

Abia Civil Society Network (ACSON) has issued Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) a 21- day ultimatum to provide consumers with constant electricity  in Abia State or lose their services in the state.
The Network, comprising 14 civil society groups in Abia State, in a communique issued after its meeting called on both the state and federal governments to urgently resolve any issue undermining the take-off of Geometric Power Generating/ Distribution Company, Aba.
ACSON identified some of the inefficiencies of EEDC to include its inability to fix dysfunctional facilities; harrassment and intimidation of consumers with security operatives during revenue drives ,which grossly violates the consumers human rights; EEDC’s inability to provide Abia consumers with pre- paid metres- which has led to what the group describes as fraudulant and exorbitant billing system; disconnection of consumers despite evidence of payment of bills.
Others are carting away of electric cables which contravenes the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) Act;  unbearable and exploitaive billing system unleashed on the rural communities which are populated by peasant farmers, despite low consumption of power in those areas.
According to the group, epileptic power supply in Abia State, especially Aba, the commercial- hub of the state has adversely affected the economic power base and production strength of the state.
The group therefore demands that EEDC should henceforth take up the responsibility of fixing their dysfunctional facilities and desist from harrassing and intimidating Abia electricity consumers with security operatives when on revenue drive; and also provide Abia consumers with pre- paid metres.
ACSON called on the consumers to cease paying electricity bills until EEDC provides them with pre- paid metres or an appropriate and lawful billing system is instituted; cease paying electricity bills if they are denied power for two weeks or periods when their facilities such as transformers were dysfunctional as stipulated by the NERC Act.
It also threatened to seek redress in the law court to remedy the gross injustice meted-out on the Abia consumers by EEDC.



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