Al-Mustapha Release The Video Tape On MKO Abiola

Buhari To Receive Another Fresh $500m Stolen By Abacha

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Southeast Region

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Our attention have been drawn to a publication by the News Express  an online media.

The paper carried a story indicating that during the Third South West annual lecture organized by the Asorodayo Youth Heritage Organization  held at the Lafia hotel Ibadan Oyo State and which Al-Mustapha was the guest speaker that he granted an interview to the media and stated that he has  a video tape that contains how Chief MKO Abiola was killed.

This statement is a welcome development, as it would reveal those  who killed Chief Abiola.

The release of the tape would also vindicate those who believed that Al-Mustapha did not commit the allegation which he suffered for during his 17 years in prison.

It will at the same time  encourage them to do more in to stand on the right side even when others are with the multitude.

It should be recalled that organizations like the Bende Analyst Newspaper made publications drawing the attention of the world to the fact that what Al-Mustapha  was passing through was a gang up.

The paper took the decision after observing  the manner in which Sgt Roger and Mohammed Abdul (aka Katoka) were behaving during the case trail period and which proved that they were acting a pay master’s script.

The Campaign for Democracy Southeast  equally made publications on the matter in support of Al-Mustapha and which drew the anger of the then CD  national leadership on why such support should be given.

The Organization  Save Al-Mustapha  Life was formed  by Comrade David Kalu, all to see that Al-Mustapha  was saved.

Al-Mustapha revelation  on how Chief Abiola was killed will go a long way to change things   and  Nigerians will know those who should be held responsible for the killing of Chief Abiola and the annulment  of the only free and fair election held in the country which was June 12.

We ask that the video tape should be made public as soon as possible  because any further delay could be viewed as a political statement on the side of Al-Mustapha.

David Kalu


South East



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