“In One Year, Elementary Three Pupils Will Be Computer Literate In Abia” – Gov. Ikpeazu

Gov. Ikpeazu with journalists

Following the landmark victory at the Supreme Court, where the Governor’s electoral victory at the polls was affirmed as legitimate victory, the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Ikpeazu dedicated the victory to what he termed as the main focus of his administration. Gov. Ikpeazu pointed to upgrading primary education.

Gov. Ikpeazu made the statement at a recent round table with the media in Umuahia government house where he explained that his main focus was really upgrading the level of primary school education to meet world standard. He explained that each move taken by the State is based on research. “We have done the research and we are taken a studied decision“, as he explained the administration’s slow start in implementing his ideas on education.

The Governor indicated that the administration has set a goal – to have all primary school pupil in class 3 to be able to operate a computer well-enough to be able to sign on and write his/her name and his/her school subjects or homework.

We will achieve this goal through a plan that is already in motion“. The Governor stated that the Primary School teachers will be trained in a special way – and exposed to foreign teachers. The primary school teacher will be exposed to teachers shipped in from Australia who will inter-face with the teachers from Abia State to train them on the new and modern ways of handling children. “Not all trouble children are treated with cain or beatings, there are available technics to handle problematic children including hyperactive children“.

Their Australian counterparts will help train our teachers on handling computers, and they will also prove to our teachers that these foreign teachers do not have six heads, they are humans too“, stated Gov. Ikpeazu as he explained that the inter-face with the foreign teachers will help boast the morals of the Abia State teachers. Tomorrow, the third batch of the Australian teachers will be arriving Abia State and about 50 computers have been made available to the foreign teachers to train our teachers.

Our teachers can no longer continue as perpetual protesters and complainants“. The Governor assured that within 12 months, the training program would have gone a long extent to help eradicate that constant protests and complaints against work conditions. “We will train our teachers enough to be attractive to the global market“. He added that his administration will use exchange programs with nearby countries to expand the knowledge scope of Abia State teachers.

“At the completion of the training program, we will begin erecting our model schools



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