Review NYSC to Reflect Entrepreneur and Job creating Scheme – Ubah


Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has called for the review of NYSC in order for it to become a job creating platform as against what the scheme offers now .

Ubah who while speaking at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka yesterday (20th February 2017)at an event organized by Nigeria Economics Students Association ,(NESA),UNIZIK Chapter, called for the review of National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Scheme from what it represents now to a scheme capable of solving Nigerian employment crisis .

The Anambra State born Entrepreneur Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who was represented by his SSA Media, Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia advocate for new direction with respect to the NYSC Scheme while speaking on the topic ” Entrepreneurship and Nigerian Youths : Ifeanyi Ubah Experience and Lesson “.

According to the MD Capital Oil and Gas , ” NYSC is a scheme introduced by Federal Government as Interventionist Policy immediately after the civil war as an integration scheme and not for job creation.

But now , the greatest crisis facing Nigeria is that of unemployment and the development calls for the review of NYSC Scheme to reflect job creation .
The scheme founded in 70s is over 40years old and therefore begging for a review ” he said .

Ubah went on to back his call for review of NYSC with below analysis ,
” Today , Federal Government pays each Corp member under NYSC Scheme N19,800 (Nineteen thousand Eight hundred naira ) per month and that gives us N237,600 per year and when you factor in other expenses that emanates from camping ,you will be having about N300,000  for each corp member per year .

Federal Government Mobilizes 150,000 graduates every year for NYSC . Let’s use 150,000 graduates here .

If in a year , Federal Government mobilizes 150,000 graduates for NYSC and spends around three hundred naira (N300,000) on each of them , this amounts to N45 Billion (Forty Five Billion Naira ) per annum “.

The man many call ideas bearer went on to argue
” we can review the scheme and make our graduates go through various skill acquisition training upon graduation and N300,000 handed to them by Federal Government to establish the Entrepreneurship that he or she might have learned . We can hand over this three hundred thousands naira (N300,000) to our graduates after they must have passed through one three weeks or say one month Entrepreneurship or skill acquisition training as a seed or start up capital. ” Ubah argued.

He further argue , “Yes , we can adjust the 12 months service year to three weeks or one month which will be use for the training of these graduates towards self reliance.

According to him , ” what is the gain of spending N45 Billion on our graduates after which you push them to unemployment market ? Is it not better we train them and hand each of them the three hundred thousands naira ( N300,000 ) as a seed ?
Some of them can even use their own seed money to go into cooperative groups among themselves towards setting up various businesses upon graduation and by so doing , we will be creating job creators instead of Job seekers” he said.

Ubah challenged the students to redirect the conversation towards providing solutions to the challenges blighting the Nation as the country is faced with multiple economic shocks.

” You must start raising agenda for the policy makers of this Nation. Creating solution is what makes an Entrepreneur tick and you must rise to the occasion especially now that our Nation faces multiple economic shocks.” he said.

” Good enough, there is hope because you are here today in this hall as  stakeholders in this great search for solutions “.

Ubah later called on the government to redirect its focus in creating enabling environment for Entrepreneurship to thrive in Nigeria.

“The truth is that Govt cannot do this alone and there is need for Government at all levels to start creating enabling environment through Public Policies that will stimulate entrepreneurial growth in the country in order to forestall recurring economic crisis in the country “.

Prof. Nwogwugwu of Economics Department, University Nnamdi Azikiwe University toed the line of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah when he told the students that they must start thinking as job creators ” You are here to learn how to solve problems facing our Nation and not to create one ” he said.

Students later threw questions to Ubah who graciously responded .



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