Kwankwaso Battles President Buhari

Kwankwaso's Defection, Blessing In Disguise For Ganduje, Buhari Says Iliyasu Kwankwaso

The embattled Senator from Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso is reported to have concluded plans to join the fray for the battle for the presidential ticket under the All Progressive Congress [APC] with the mindset of wrestling the party structure away from the president against the 2019 presidential polls. Information available to reveal that the embattled Senator has set up committees located across the geo-political zones geared towards preparing for a potential showdown within the APC for the presidential ticket. According to available information, the committees have begun work and have received the necessary financing from the Senator.

It is against the readiness to battle the President for the APC ticket that the Senator organized street-youths to accompany him to the funeral ceremony of the former Niger State governor, Kure. While at the funeral grounds, the embattled Senator and his street-youths began chatting war-like songs in Hausa language demeaning the President of Nigeria and calling for his replacement with Kwankwaso. The street-youths rained praise songs on Kwankwaso as they followed him around. A source who was present at the grounds indicated that the “thugs were intimidating and very disrespectful“.

The source recalled that Senator Kwankwaso had repeated similar behavior in Kano when the present Governor of Kano State was burying a loved one. The embattled Senator arrived the event and rudely turned the event into campaign grounds for the kwankwasiyya group. He was accompanied by street youths who were chatting war-like songs demeaning the President and calling for his replacement with Kwankwaso. Sources who witnessed the display by the Senator and his street boys described the actions of the embattled Senator as childish and in bad taste. “He was rebuked by many“.

Close political associates of the embattled Senator indicate the Senator’s desperation levels has reached a high point. “He has relaunched a detailed investigation into the educational background of the President” with the aim to uncover if the President had actually attended the secondary school that he claimed he graduated from.  A committee has been set up to that effect. Another committee is set up to dig into the financial dealings of the President and his close family associates including his wife, children and others. The committee was tasked to uncover the mode of payment of school fees and housing cost for his children while they were schooling in London.

Beyond the investigative exercise, Senator Kwankwaso is reported to have employed the services of the spiritual underworld from far east in India to help him with spiritual magic and/or prayers against the 2019 primaries within the APC. Our source reveal that his signature red cap comes from his association with Indian spiritualists and cultists. The red cap is a mark of his membership in the spiritual cult. This is according our source who also serves as a political ally to him.  “We know him for his spiritual prowess. He is feared”.

Presently, the embattled Senator finds himself battling for survival at the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] over financial dealings while at the realm of affairs in Kano State as the Governor of the State for four years. The EFCC had placed him under house arrest following the magnitude of corrupt activities uncovered during his watch as the Governor. The case remains ongoing.




  1. Hmmm, I believe this a not so intelligent propaganda against Sen. Kwankwaso is to show how desperate his state governor wants to smear him, but despite this local propaganda KWANKWASO still remain the darling of the kano citizens, and his political destiny cannot be truncated by novices like Ganduje and his cohorts. My prediction for 2019 is ….every political aspirant will be for himself there will be no redeemer.


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