Education Minister, Adamu Threatens Staff Over Report On His Corrupt Activities

Education Minister Commends JAMB For Returning N8bn To FG

Information available to indicates the Honorable Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu may not be having the best of times following a recent report on the activities inside the Education Ministry – How Adamu Adamu Turned The Education Ministry To Cesspit Of Cronyism And Corruption. According to the available information, Malam Adamu Adamu had barked high heavens having read the report. He pointed to his staff as having leaked the information to the media. Particularly, he threatened to rain reprisal actions on the responsible staff member.

Interestingly, as the Education Minister fumed at his innocent staff members more information on the nefarious activities of the Minister and his cronies leaked to the public arena. The Minister who has turned the Education Minister into his private enterprise for the sole benefit of his friends and family relatives, has upped the ante to seeking complete control of the entire federal government owned tertiary institutions.

Malam Adamu Adamu’s appointment of his Special Assistant, Dr. Bappah Bichi as the Executive Secretary of  Tertiary Education Fund [TEFUND] had raised eyebrows. But the eyebrows were raised even higher when the newly appointed Executive Secretary abruptly sacked twelve Vice Chancellors [VC] and replaced them with his associates and former colleagues. Six of the twelve new VCs appointed by Dr. Bichi were his former colleagues from Bayero University Kano where he has been employed. The remainder of the six comprised of his friends and associates.

When the announcement was made through the media airwaves of the new replacements for the VC position, learnt that the Minister of State for the Education Ministry, Prof. Anthony G. Anwukah  was not in the know of the appointment. He learnt of the appointment from the radio and television announcement. “He is not part of the cabal“. He was not consulted or informed of the decision to replace the sacked VCs. The same scenario played out at the abrupt announcement of names of seventeen names to head the parastatals. The junior minister did not have prior knowledge of the appointments. “He heard it on the news“.

Prof. Anthony G. Anwukah

When President Mohammadu Buhari was made aware of the actions of the senior minister, the President was quick to apologize on behalf of the senior minister. President Buhari made it clear in his apology that Malam Adamu Adamu and his cronies had erred. The junior minister was accepting of the apology. According to our source, the junior minister “does not want to say anything. He does want to complain of marginalization“.  But their appear a “battle of supremacy between the Malam Adamu Adamu and Prof. Anthony G. Anwukah“.

Our source reveals the relationship existing between the President and Malam Adamu Adamu to be one responsible for the disregard to the junior minister. As gathered, Malam Adamu Adamu ends his work day at the President’s office on daily basis . “He spends significant amount of his time at the President’s office“. Malam Adamu Adamu’s closeness to the President shields him from the consequences of his corrupt activities inside the education ministry.

According to our source, Malam Adamu Adamu is in consideration for the position of Chief of Staff or Secretary to the Government of the Federation – when the President reshuffles his cabinet.






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