Peter Obi Lies: “He Built The First Helipad At The Gov’t House, Gave Away SUV’s To Girlfriends” – Former Aide / Kinsman



The glowing ovation received by the former governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Gregory Obi on Independence Day during his address at the Platform may have turned out to be generated based on misinformation on the part of the former governor. Information available to indicates that the former governor may have lied to the audience about his activities while at the government house in Anambra State.

Revealing the manner Chief Peter Obi governed the State was his kinsman and former top aide, Benji Obi [Mbuze Agulu] and close confident. He disclosed to that the address by his former boss and kinsman at the Platform on Independence Day drove him to open up on the skilled hypocrisy exhibited by Peter Obi repeatedly.

Benji Obi who served Peter Obi administration from the inception revealed that Peter Obi told a fable when he claimed to have ran a financially prudent administration. “Peter Obi increased the money for his private kitchen at the government to N2million monthly and increased the feeding for the Police Officers attached to him to N7million monthly”. But he pocketed the money. He stated that Peter lied when he said he stopped the buffet-styled dinner being served at the Government House. “What he did was to sack all the previous cooks and butlers and employed over 30 cooks/butlers/Stewart from Akwa Ibom and expanded the kitchen budget”. He continued, “The bills are still there. It is verifiable… the Akwa Ibom cooks and Stewarts were over 20… so who were they cooking for? Buffet is always there… butlers and others… Prof Emenike Obi – Principal Secretary withdraws the money every month and pays him… and it is verifiable”.

Chief Peter Obi’s reference to his banning of alcoholic beverages such as Champagne at the government house was laughed at by his kinsman who pointed to the Squash Court located inside the government house renovated by the Peter Obi administration – that was utilized by Peter Obi as a makeshift warehouse for alcoholic beverages such as the drinks his company distributes in Nigeria. The kinsman explained that Peter Obi was storing expensive alcoholic beverages purchased with state resources. The alcoholic beverages would then be sold to outsiders directly from the makeshift warehouse. During festive periods, Peter Obi will use the beverages as gifts to select personalities across the state. The gifts would be received as coming from the state government. The kinsman revealed that a distant relative of Peter Obi by the name, Amaechi who was brought back from a monastery in Ebonyi State was made in charge of the drinks storage and distribution. Only drinks that belong to Peter Obi’s distribution company were stored at the makeshift storage facility. Interestingly, immediately Peter Obi stepped away from office, the said Amaechi opened one of the largest alcohol distribution depot in Anambra State. The depot is located behind the government house in Awka. “Amaechi is now a billionaire – opened a liquor distributorship behind the government house”.

Benji Obi did not hold back in pointing out the uncanny inconsistency between Peter Obi’s testament on his refusal to use the state resources voraciously on his personal transportation and unnecessary purchase of vehicles – and the actual reality on the grounds. He revealed that Peter Obi was the one that built the first Helipad at the government house for his personal use. “Peter Obi used helicopters to travel often while he was the governor – and he usually travels alone or with one trusted aide”. It was not a secret within the administrative circles in Awka. “When he went to the burial of his wife’s sister, he flew in a helicopter. He took off from the government house”. Benji Obi adds also that, “he uses the Church to trick people… he is not a true Christian… he attends Olumba Olumba Obu with the helicopter… always accompanied by Valentine Obieyem”.


Benji pointed to Ngozi Okoye as the go to person whenever Peter Obi wants to book a private jet or a helicopter for travels. Peter Obi always uses private jets to travel as often as any other state governor in Nigeria. “The records are there and can be made public”.

Ngozi Okoye
Ngozi Okoye

Peter Obi purchased a bulletproof BMW for his wife and two bulletproof landcrusiers for himself. He even bought an additional one for his brother, Damian”.  Peter Obi prefers to use Okey Ezeibe to make vehicle purchases – through his Legacy Motors because of a favor granted by Okey Ezeibe when Peter Obi’s aide and man-Friday [Valentine Obieyem] was arrested hauling N250million from government house to his private office in Apapa, Lagos. In explaining away the reasons he was hauling the cash, he gave Legacy Motors as an alibi – that the money was for the purchase of vehicles from a neighboring country – through Legacy Motors – that the money was being hauled for Legacy Motors. He told the anti-graft agency that the vehicles being purchased were meant for the various head of service [HOS] and other permanent secretaries [PS]. Peter Obi got the HOS and the PS to play along. Their reward was Peugeot 406 each – he purchased each of the HOS and PS brand new Peugeot 406, as bribe.

The over 150 hummer buses purchased by the state government under the public mass transport bill for use for the ANIDS transport scheme, according to Benji Obi, turned out to be a corruption scheme to benefit an associate of Peter Obi. At the eve of Peter Obi’s exit from the government house, he gave away the entire hummer buses to his associate by name Benji Uba – who immediately began repainting the buses and selling them off – and pocketing the proceeds. Not minding that the buses were state owned.

Peter Obi should be careful the way he opens his mouth because we can expose him to the public enough to put him behind bars. Obiano does not want to probe him… he should shut up…” continued the kinsman who revealed that Peter Obi also received part of the controversial campaign funds distributed by the Jonathan campaign team. “Peter Obi did not even utilize the money given to him for the purpose it was given”. He instead used the money for private business and to sponsor local political campaigns within Anambra such as that of Uche Ekwunife, Chinedu Idigo and others. “We have information that he is lobbying to avoid being probed. What he does not know is that President Buhari is a no nonsense person. He does not take kindly to hypocrites and corruption”.

Benji Obi particularly pressed heavily that Peter Obi was “very corrupt”. He recalled how the then Governor Peter Obi would pack over 6 suitcases filled with foreign currency [mainly dollar] and then take off to see his blood sister [Matina] who is an ordained Catholic Sister at the Holy Rosary [HRS]. The then Governor Peter Obi would store the suitcases at the Sister’s residence at the Catholic owned premises. The suitcases would then find another destination. Peter Obi would engage in the practice repeatedly until her dismissal. According to Benji Obi, “Sister Matina was dismissed from the HRS after she was caught”. She left for the Congo following her dismissal but returned to the government house – where she stayed till the end of Peter Obi’s administration.

Peter Obi’s propensity for primordial corruption and extravagant lifestyle – the type only expected of a military dictator – is shown in his relationship with a one-time girlfriend and colleague by the name Adaeze Idigo – who rose from the position of deputy director to permanent secretary within the span of 2.5years. According to Benji Obi, Peter Obi and Adaeze Idigo had a lovechild during their young years – a baby girl.  Peter Obi had started his primary school and secondary school education in Anambra north senatorial district – the same area where Adaeze Idigo hails from.  Peter Obi attended St Augustine Umuoba Anam and then Father Josephine memorial grammar school where he met Adaeze. The two conjugated and gave birth to a baby girl in the 70s. She currently resides in Alabama, USA.

When the Peter Obi’s lovechild with Adaeze Idigo wedded in the USA, the state government of Anambra State was represented by Professor Stella Okunna who gave $50,000 on behalf of the State. The wedding took place in Alabama.

Peter Obi’s treatment of Adaeze Idigo was simply extravaganza. She was given a landcruiser sport utility vehicle, her mother was given the same along with a driver paid for by the state government. Her family [including the mum] were relocated to the suburbs of Enugu – into a new house purchased with the resources of the state. A power generator worth N2million was taken directly from the government house to her new residence.

Her brother, Chuka Idigo who earns a living as a contractor working almost exclusively for Anambra state alone also benefited immensely from Peter Obi’s extravaganza.  “He was given numerous contracts without due process… many of them weren’t executed including the house of assembly headquarters… and others.” Benji Obi then made a startling revelation as to why Peter Obi had wanted the governorship to be zoned to the north senatorial district following his exist from the government house. “He wanted to install Chinedu Idigo”, a brother to Adaeze Idigo. “They used Chuka Idigo to raise election money through the many contracts awarded him without due process.” But it backfired because the people of the north senatorial district who were aware of the relationship between Peter Obi and Adaeze Idigo rejected the candidacy of Chinedu Idigo immediately it was announced to them by Peter Obi. The choice of Willie Obiano was forced upon Peter Obi by the people of Anambra north senatorial district.

A source revealed that Peter Obi remains active in hoisting Chinedu Idigo as the governor of Anambra State – talks are ongoing as to which party to join to materialize the goal.


Peter Obi’s administration was typical of what is expected of a corrupt state government. Many of the contract awards were fraudulent and his claim of being financially prudent with state resource is fantasy. This according to his kinsman and close political aide. “All contractors must have accounts with Fidelity back… and all checks are collected at his house…” Peter Obi claims his administration is not owing any contractor but “that is a lie” because “contractors were owed… Obiano is silently paying for works done during Peter Obi’s administration”.

Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu) and Peter Obi exchanging pleasantries
Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu) and Peter Obi exchanging pleasantries

According to Benji Obi, Governor Willie Obiano has asked Chief Peter Obi for forgiveness for any offense known and unknown to him. He has asked both privately and publicly. “Still Peter Obi goes around talking about the Anambra Governor with disdain. Dr. Chris Ngige did not vilify him the way he is trying to do to Obiano. It is not fair.”



  1. These are worst lies from the pit of hell. Benji Obi is a loafer. We are all from Agulu. First ask him if he talks to her sister Senator Emodi? I am sure that as usual Benji was paid to say all these nonsense.
    1. The N250 million matter was investigated and cleared.
    2. The girl he is referring to as “love child” was my classmate at FGGC Onitsha, her father was a former company secretary for NNPC
    3. The Enugu home where her grandmother stays was built by her grandfather in the 60s even before Peter Obi was born.
    4. I happen to be in Anambra when Chinedu lunched his campaign, Peter never wanted him but preferred Oseloka Obaze the then SSG.
    5. Chinedu became very popular because he was a core party man
    6. The youths were and are still for Chinedu, if he decides to contest tomorrow we shall follow him.
    7. It was Victor Umeh that stopped Chinedu and not Anambra North people

  2. 247 Liarreporters! You junk will be the only one to publish this fab of a story. Should assume Obi used a noiseless helicopter?

    Obi talked generally about governors and made no mention of Obiano during his speech. No doubt when a joke is made of a worn basket – a skinny person feels unease.

    No f-t t–g can re-write Obi’s story.

  3. This is how we destroy our selves. Young man, there is space for every one. If it’s Peter’s time, you can’t stop him. Allow an igbo man to rise. When are we going to stop holding ourselves down. The igbo man destroys the future of igbo land and then blames it on marginalization. Rubbish.

  4. This is how we destroy our selves. Young man, there is space for every one. If it’s Peter’s time, you can’t stop him. Allow an igbo man to rise. When are we going to stop holding ourselves down. The igbo man destroys the future of igbo land and then blames it on marginalization. Rubbish


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