Dr Abdulmumini Jibrin

Dr Abdulmumini Jibrin

The House of Representatives has offered an insight as to how the controversial Kano film village project was fraudulently inserted in the 2016 budget.

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The film village project sited in Bebeji where sacked chairman of the House of Representatives committee on Appropriation, Dr Abdulmumini Jibrin has generated so much anger among a section of Kano clerics who say it is one other means to undermine the Islamic faith.

The spokesperson of the House of Representatives, Mr Abdulrazak Namdas disclosed at a media briefing that the Buhari film village worth over N1 billion was inserted by Jibrin in the budget without the consent of both the national Assembly and President Muhammadu Buhari.

The N1 billion worth film village project was said to have been sited on Rep Jibrin’s 12 hectare plot situated near his shopping complex in Kofa village, Bebeji local government of Kano state.

The revelation by Namdas is coming on the heels of threats by a prominent Kano cleric, Sheik Abdallah Usman Gadan Kanya that he woukd aa447AAA⅞¹⁴⁴4Amobilise adherent of the Islamic faith in kano against the project which was considered as a veritable avenue to breed immoral acts and other anti -Islamic practices.

The cleric had justified the opposition to the project thus: “We heard that it is one lawmaker that is bringing this calamity to us from Federal Government. Another mischief is that they have put the picture of the President and calling the place Muhammadu Buhari Film Village because they know people love Buhari and are supporting him. But Buhari is not Allah, and he is not [the] Prophet. Even if it is Buhari that did wrong we will confront him squarely. Even if it is Buhari that brings this we will fight it; it is wrong.

“Tell them, write it and propagate it through all the means. We don’t want it; we don’t need it. They should take it somewhere. We will continue to curse people behind this film village. You should campaign against it in WhatsApp, Facebook. If they insist, we have hot spiritual prayers that will bring curse and affliction to anyone. Very hot prayers that will cause blindness and make those involved deaf completely.”

Presidency sources also confirmed that Buhari, was irked when Jibrin himself  confirmed that he cited several other projects in Daura, the home town of the President which he inserted in the 2016 budget apparently to placate the President and justify the allocation of N4.1 billion to his constituency.

“Mr. President is not happy with Jibrin over the ugly development and sees it as a desperate attempt to blackmail him,” the source stated.

He added that President Buhari got worried when he was informed that clerics and other citizens had engaged in prayer sessions in mosque across Kano state invoking wrath on both Jibrin and the federal government over a project that he knew nothing about.