Information reaching 247ureports.com from a top source knowledgeable of the on-goings within the presidency indicate that Nigeria may undergo another round of certainty and tension should the President travel again for medical attention. This is as the source further indicated that the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, General Mohammadu Buhari’s health may have continued to worsen beyond what his primary care givers could continue to manage. The Nigerian based medical care givers along with their foreign counterparts have recommended for a procedure overseas – likely in London – that would require a minimum of three months stay.

According to the information received, President Buhari’s foreign medical care providers have in effect told the President he will require the prolonged stay at their facility to undergo the required medical procedure. The medical experts impressed on the President that the procedure would be necessary.

247ureports.com does not know for certain the ailment afflicting the President. Reports have stated he may be afflicted with cancer. The presidency has not confirmed that the President has cancer. But the activities of the President has considerably reduced. He has become near immobile and less active said a presidential source who also observed the Mr. President’s daily schedule at the villa had also reduced considerably to near non-existent. “He hardly comes to office and when he does, he comes late and leaves early“.

Already, news of Mr. President being away from the presidential seat for another prolonged stay has thrown anxiety into of problems bedeviling the Presidency. Some of the top aides who are largely from the northern regions of the country are not taking the news sitting down – as they know the likelihood of power shifting to the south west to be a possibility. On the same hand, top security experts are reported to be concerned over the resulting uncertainty within the power equation – along with possible unrest within certain regions of the country.

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