Uproar As Dambazzau Appoints Northerners To Heads All Agencies In Interior Ministry

Minister of Interior Gen. Abdurahaman Dambazzau
Minister of Interior Gen. Abdurahaman Dambazzau
Minister of Interior Gen. Abdurahaman Dambazzau

Against the principle of federal character in the country, Minister of Interior Gen. Abdurahaman Dambazzau has appointed his kins men from the north to head all the para-military agencies under his ministry.

The appointments are therefore, generating reactions from the stakeholders in the ministry who are seem not comfortable with the decision of Gen. Dambazzau.

The four agencies are the Nigeria Immigration service (NIS) with Mohammed Babandede, who hails from Kano state where the minister comes from appointed the Comptroller General. The Nigeria Prison Service (NPS) with Ahmed Ja’afaru, who hails from Bauch state as the Controller-General.

Before now, Comptroller General Abdullahi Gana from Niger state, has been the head of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence (NSCDC) while Controller General of Federal Fire Service (FFS) Eng. Anebi hails from Benue state in the North-central is the head of the agency.

Before the appointment of Ahmed Ja’afaru in Nigeria Prisons, the recently retired CG, Dr Peter Ezenwa Ekpendu, had handed over to a Yoruba man, Babatunde, but the Minister turned down the arrangement an Assistant Controller General Ja’afaru.

It was however, gathered that national headquarters and formations across the country of NPS were thrown into mourning immediately the news got to them on the appointment of Ja’afaru as CG.

Some of the officers who spoke with newsmen that visited the headquarters for reaction, confided them that “Ja’afaru’s appointment was a total surprise to everybody. This is a man who stood on our promotions for fourteen years as officer in charge of administration.”

At the Nigeria Immigration Service, it was gathered that the interior minister engineered Martin Kure Abeshi’s compulsory retirement despite the grace of an extension of service given him by the federal government under President Goodluck Jonathan, to create space for his preferred candidate Mohammed Babandede.

One of NIS top officers, however, revealed that the new CG, who had wanted to be one since the days former interior minister Comrade Abba Moro, had all the security reports working against him.



  1. As a northerner and Buhari supporter myself can’t cope with this unjustly act and indirect apartheid against the Nigerian people of the south.

    I condemn in strong possible terms this lopsided government appointment and i urge everybody to condemn this horendous act. Every northerner should condemn this act but if you feel okay about it, you can keep quiet and remember that there’s time for pay back.

  2. Danbanzau should know that he is not running his father’s millet farm, as to share national cake amongst his kins men. As if it their mama pot of soup.

    # its VERY ANNOYING… thank God, AVENGERS are rraly kicking their ass.

  3. That was my observation when I first read if the foundation of affront lopsidedness, misgovernance, squandering, mismanagement, reckless spending by just putting unqualified and unmerited persons as head of exalted positions is being continued by the applauded President Muhammad Buhari and his administration.
    If that is still the game play then voters have been made to become very myopic in the recent elections.
    It’s said “once beaten twice shy”. Are we shy at all?

  4. It’s disheartening really. It now look as if it’s d North that only voted for PMBUHARI. It’s these kind of injustice that breeds Ferocious injustice. All injustice should be reversed immediately and unconditionally

  5. This is not going to help the already fragile state of the Nigeria unity. The political class are the bane of our problem. If justice is done rightly, there will be no cause for agitation. This is the kind of things the new generations must fight against. Equality and justice for all no matter where you come from.

  6. I personally do not have any problems with the appointments, as long as these appointees are the best qualified for the positions given them, it is time as a Nation, we do away with federal character, and replace it with merit. All appointments should be on merit, the best qualified candidate should get any position available, in my own opinion, I think this is the way forward for Nigeria, if we want to progress, the way we ought to, even if the best qualified candidates for all these positions are siblings from a particular state? let them have it, they will perform and deliver for us better, than doing the appointments through federal character, and end up with non performers. May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  7. John Akinwanle, its either you did not read this article or you lack the capacity to understand what was stated. In any case, it might be wise to re read it one more time. If I go by your theory of hiring the best hands for the jobs. Well, let me remind you that education is still the global yardstick to measure knowledge and competency. Historically, the North lacks behind in education, so my question to you is, what then is the criteria used in this hirings by Dambazzu and Buhari other than nepotism? Listen to what Tafida Gadzama and Bello Isiaq has to say about this development. Also, let me remind you that never in the history of country has one section of the country produce the President, the Speaker, and the Senate President, and the Chief Justice of the Federation. As it is, it looks like Buhari would be the last President of a United Nigeria. Current facts shows that this country may not sustain the fall out of Buahri;s one sided govt and large scale discrimination and exclusion of southerners in his govt. .


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