Kaduna Beggars Protest Against El-rufai Ban On Street Begging



A group of beggars in Kaduna on Monday morning took to the streets protesting the
ban on street begging in the state by the state government.

Eyewitnesses informed our reporter  that they were chanting choruses  in Hausa “baamu da gaata sai Allah”  literally meaning, “we have no one but Allah to run to” the beggars matched from their
destitute home on Kano Road to the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, which is the seat of power, carrying placards with different inscriptions.

They said they were not really against the ban on street begging but the heartless manner in which the government forced them out without giving them alternative source of livelihood.

Most of them claimed to have families and are willing to undergo trainings that will make them productive and be self sustained.

It could be recalled that the state government under the leadership of Governor Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai has banned streets begging in Kaduna State, but the beggars had insisted they are not provided with other means of livelihood and therefore their only means of survival cannot be taken from them without alternative.



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