Sack Of 4000 Workers – Governance Misfortune At Imo State

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Imo state is mourning, this time not because someone died but because many people may die, go hungry,  as a result of mass sack of over 4000 people by the governor. No credible reason has been given for this alleged sack than shortfall of money. Remember Imo state recently had the tallest xmas tree and Jesus statue for an allege N600million.  We have also been told that NLC asked the sacked staff to ignore their employer. Very dicey. The implication of this sack has multiple negative effects and zero positive effect.  It is estimated that the fate of an average of 6 dependents on each sacked staff  (that about 24000 are in more trouble of what to eat from this month) will not be funny. What a new year gift. Again an estimate of over one million people will be in serious danger of insecurity, robbery, kidnapping or other forms of crime because of these large number of people that are pushed into unemployment at the same time. Find the list of parastatals and agencies that were disbanded by the Governor, who we were told equally sacked over 4000 workers in this hard time.
Suspended Agencies

1                 Imo Water Corporation
2                 Imo Cattle Market
3                 Imo Sports Council
4                 Imo State Environmental Transformation Commission
5                 Imo Consumer Protection Council
6                 Hospital Management Board Including Its Headquarters Staff
7                 State Investment Promotion Agency
8                 Imo Job Centre
9                 Imo Water Development Agency IWADA
10            Imo Library Board
11            Imo Agricultural Loans Board
12            Imo Livestock
13            Imo Poverty Alleviation Agency
14            Imo Palm Plantation
15            Agricultural Development Agency
16            ADP And Small Holder Unit
17            Imo Blue Lake Of Treasure
18            Health Centre
19            ITC.
Today, over 340 Health Centres, where poor people get cheaper and basic medicare, are no more. By this singular act, Many Imo citizens will face more serious health danger, Imo state will also no longer be consider for health interventions by foreign aids, donors who partner with only public health centres. The act will also make way for private sector exploitation as government health centres that provides credible competition will be no more. As it stands now, the only public hospital that is effectively functioning is FMC Owerri.  Dear Compatriots, we  were also told that this horrible action of Imo state government was to pave way for the concessioning of these age long health centres to private cronies to manage and milk the people dry. Imo state as at today is the only oil producing state that has closed down all primary  health centers, allegedly concession all general hospitals to a single firm allegedly managed by  one Dr Nwachukwu (The public are yet to see the terms of agreement). If the country is diversifying into agriculture and solid minerals while Imo state is closing down ADP and small holders Unit, Imo palm plantation, Imo livestock Board and Imo Agric Loans Board, what does that tell Ndimo and Nigerians? . These are agencies that can be made to become more viable and productive too. Health service is a social service that no government ca afford to wish away. As at today, none of the sacked workers have been issued with any termination letter but they are prevented from having access to their work places, while the Governor proceeds to holiday overseas.  This is an update. I will inform you on the next line of action by Imo CSOs. Imo state is in serious governance crisis with also all structures badly disorganized and run down. There are tears flowing from 4000 eyes in Imo state right now.
If this action is allowed to stay, it will be a reference point for other governors to sack their work force. Then Nigeria will be in deep shit.
Emeka J. Ononamadu
Executive Director
Citizens Center for Integrated Development & Social Rights


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