Mystery Snake Invades Church, Bites Worshiper To Death

The peaceful atmosphere in Okwudor community in Njaba LGA was broken yesterday when a mystery snake invaded a church and bit one of the worshipers to death.
According to community sources, the incident occurred about midnight Tuesday at a popular prayer house located at Umuewi Ihebinowere, as the victim, Mr. Hyginus Okwara, a native of Abazu Ihebinowere, was receiving spiritual healing from the prayer house.
Narrating the incident to, younger brother to the deceased disclosed that his brother had a little problem that required spiritual cleansing and went to the church for solution, but was bitten by the snake twice in the course of his deliverance.
According to him, in that fateful night after receiving prayers of cleansing and deliverance, his brother beckoned on his wife to lead him outside to urinate and as they went outside, his elder brother complained of a painful bite on his right leg.
“This warranted his wife to immediately flash her torchlight around the place but nothing was found. And for a second time, my brother also complained again about another stinging bite on his left leg, a development that led his wife to alert the female owner of the prayer house”, he said.
It was gathered that when the woman came out, she prayed and commanded whatever that bit the man to surface and subsequently, a snake of about 10 feet long emerged and the prophetess quickly killed.
Shortly after the snake had died, the victim, Mr. Okwara was said to have given up the ghost.


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