Lagos Judge Sentences Two Igbo Men Life Imprisonment For Marijuana, Roli Bode-George Hails Judge

ameachi igwe

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The Acting Chairman/Chief Executive Mrs Roli Bode-George has commended the judiciary over the life sentence and twenty-five years imprisonments passed on two drug convicts by Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia in Lagos on Wednesday. While the mother of the convict that got life sentence was weeping uncontrollably, the NDLEA boss said that the ruling reflects the criminal rating of drug offences in the country. Aluagwu Lawrence, 32 years-old caught with 220 grammes of cannabis got life imprisonment with hard labour while Ameachi Igwe, 37 years-old who was found in possession of 2.7 grammes of cocaine got 25 years also with hard labour.

ahmadu giade and roli bode-george

According to Roli, “the sentences demonstrate the readiness of the judiciary to strictly apply the law on culprits. This is highly commendable and a motivating force for Nigeria’s anti-narcotics campaign. These provisions are there in the NDLEA Act and it is a positive development that the judiciary is taking the bull by the horn. It will further sensitize members of the public on the severity of drug trafficking”.

In delivering her judgement, Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia dismissed the plea of Aluagwu Lawrence that he had no formal education and that the father divorced his mother when he was a little child. She said single parenting and lack of formal education is not an excuse for drug trafficking. Aluagwu was therefore sentenced to life imprisonment. The judge also expressed concern over the second convict who was arrested while selling cocaine at the popular Mile 12 market in Lagos. Ameachi Igwe was therefore sentenced to 25 years with hard labour. Immediately after the judgment was passed, the mother of Aluagwu Lawrence began to weep uncontrollably in the court premises as friends and relatives consoled her.

aluagwu lawrence
aluagwu lawrence
ameachi igwe
ameachi igwe

The convicts both pleaded guilty to unlawful possession and dealing in narcotics at the Federal High Court. NDLEA prosecutor, Barrister Jeremiah Aernan told the court that Ameachi Igwe was arrested on May 8, 2015 at about 1100hrs by NDLEA officers at Mile 12 Market where he was found with 2.7 grammes of powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine.  The convict who is a night guard also sells cocaine at the market. He is single and hails from Ebonyi State. When asked to make allocutus he pretended to be deaf and dumb.

Aluagwu Lawrence 32 years old was arrested on 12 February 2015 with 220 grammes of dried weeds found to be cannabis under the bridge at Ojota, Lagos. He pleaded guilty blaming his circumstances on his lack of formal education and that the father abandoned him and the mother when he was a little child.



  1. Can you imagine life sentence for selling grass, those people that steal public funds in millions gets six months. These judges self should go back to law school. Look at the person she is sending to life. I pray that his lawyers will appeal her rubbish judgement.

  2. While it is obviously commendable that Judges should exude fearlessness and be bold in the exercise of judicial functions, however, these sentences here do not fit the crimes. The Judge in this matters got these wrong. There is dignity in every life, judgeship must patrol the exercise of mercy, and show empathy.
    This is not justice, and there exists no civility here. Is there any aggravating circumstances triggering such a very harsh sanction?
    Your Hon, you are wrong in these ones.

  3. The anti-nacotic legal provision may stipulate such sentence for any convicted drug peddler but the judge must apply discretion in his or her ruling. The question in this case will be determined by the circumstances surrounding the case and the proportionality of the sentence and the crime committed. Another important legal consideration regarding the sentences will concern previous conviction of the suspects involving the same crime. In this regards, I will advice the convicts to appeal their sentence because they will get a reprieve from the appeal court and regain their freedom.

  4. This is Nigeria for you another Igo judgment. I am not going to be tribal here but Fela smoke this every day. We have politicians stealing public money day in day out and no one says anything. Take Orjiuzo Kanu for example.
    God bless Nigeria

  5. The Lagos Governor is out of touch with the World for his approval of the case …send those igbos home asap…
    there was no ground for such sentencing…


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