“Nnamdi Kanu’s Continued Detention Is Wrong/Dangerous” – DSS Source



Information available to 247ureports.com obtained from top ranking sources within the State Security Service [SSS] indicate that there appear a divide within the DSS concerning the recent arrest and continued detention of the host of the Biafra Radio – Nnamdi Kanu.

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According to available information, a group of top ranking officers comprising largely of northerners parts are said to have taken up the garnet of ensuring the host of Radio Biafra is ‘dealt with‘. One of the northern officers –  who reportedly is known for his bigot tendencies – was heard contemplating the possible consequences of Nnamdi Kanu’s demise under the DSS custody. The DSS officer is said to have a healthy hatred for the Radio Biafra host – so much so – that he is not allowed to enter the cell of the Radio host alone, unaccompanied. “On one occasion, the DSS officer requested for a private interrogation session with the Radio Host but it was turn down“, said our source who also added that the management structure of the DSS are fully aware of the elements within the service who share similar bigot laden sentiment.

Nnamdi Kanu -Terry-Paulson

It was made clear that the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu posed great and present danger to the DSS and the general population – considering the not so concrete charges leveled against the Radio Host. “The DSS know that the South East and parts of the South South are charged and ready to explode into uncontrolled violence if the Nnamdi Kanu situation isn’t managed properly“.

The source faulted the management at the DSS for arresting the Radio Host. He explained that the DSS should have simply developed a well managed trail and spy network around the Radio Host – instead of arresting him. “We could have gained a wealth of valuable and actionable information if we had used our brains to find out why he arrived Nigeria and what he plans to do in the country“. But bigotry overshadowed ‘our’ [DSS] intelligence.

The source revealed that the DSS has already launched preemptive measures to checkmate the anticipated backlash from affected communities. It was gathered the DSS launched operation push-back against the growth of Biafra agitation. Information available to the DSS suggest an increased Biafra awareness within affected communities since the arrival of the present head of state. It is believed that the Radio Biafra messages may have precipitated the unprecedented growth in Biafra Awareness but the DSS remain unsure and uninformed in the area.

What is worsening matters is the new man in-charge of the DSS. He is not treating the members of the DSS well”.



  1. What ever the DSS, Buhari and Britain do to stop Biafra will fail because nobody can fight Chukwu Okike Abiama.
    Chukwu Okike Abiama has seen the injustice done against his children and has heard our cry.
    All hail Biafra, land of the rising sun, we love and cherish.

  2. At the end, DSS have succeeded in making IBOP relevant. that’s all i know and what they have to know is that this upcoming ran must fall on top of Aboki and his Cow


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