Sabotaging Obiano: Peter Obi’s Associates Sell off Anambra Transport [ANIDS] Vehicles



The growing divide between the previous administration of the Anambra State government and the present administration may have resulted to a new low point for governance in Anambra State. Information available to obtained from competent sources indicate that the operators of the Anambra Mass Transit system [ANIDS] established during the Peter Obi administration, have begun converting the Anambra State owned vehicles to private vehicles – and selling them off at discount prices without the knowledge of the state government.

According to available information, the operators of the Anambra Mass transit system have reportedly launched the gradual privatization of the mass transit system which was set up by resources sourced from the treasury of Anambra State. The top boss in charge of the ANIDS operation, Benji Uba – who is also a close business ally of Peter Obi is said to have refused remitting proceeds from the mass transit operations to the State government – citing that the mass transit operation never belonged to the state government – that it was a private operation belonging to him – curtesy of the then Governor Peter Obi. According to Benji Uba, ANIDS belongs to him.

Through this accession, the operators of ANIDS have slowly began to change the licensing of the various ANIDS vehicles from publicly owned to privately owned. Already the over four hundred [400] taxis vehicles procured by the state government have been sold off – without the knowledge of the state government. Many of the mini buses used for interstate travels – numbering over 1000 are said to be unaccounted for.  Benji Uba justifies his actions by claiming the then Governor Peter Obi only used his influence as the Governor to set up the ANIDS transport outfit. But cursory inquiry reveals that the then Governor Peter Obi utilized N20million from the Local Government Area [LGA] funds as grant to launch the ANIDS transport operation.

The revelation comes amidst Obiano’s effort to up the internally generated revenue [IGR] of Anambra State from below 1billion per month toN3billion per month. The Obiano administration is reported to have begun collection of IGR through innovative ways that as have already yielded promising returns.



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