Dr Bashir Gwandu Blessing Or A Curse To Northern Technocrats??? – By Umaru Tanko



The Path of a Desperate Man Leads to Destruction and Shame!!! President Elect Beware!!!


Bashir Gwandu is at it again, today he is clamoring to be the Minister of Communications Technology in the incoming Administration to be led by Gen Muhammadu Buhari, the President Elect.


Bashir Gwandu thinks we can forget easily, his 7 years stint at the Nations Telecoms Regulatory body NCC, where it all started; Bashir in the 2003 met with Ahmed Joda the then Chairman of the NCC on one of the latter’s trip to the UK had in the instance of one of the daughters of Ahmed Joda sought audience with his requesting his assistance to gain employment into the NCC, he tried severally but did not get a favorably response but he however scuffled his way to hand Alhaji Joda his well crafted CV at the London Heathrow Airport London. It would interest you that at this time Bashir Gwandu did not have the required experience, both professionally and in terms of Managerial skill required for the position coming from a lecturer.


Bashir Gwandu at his ever first meeting as a member of the NCC board vehemently querried decisions already taken by the board prior to his appointment as he was seen shouting down the Chairman and other board members this character are all confirmable from ex board members.


His first Five year term as Executive Commissioner’s was saddled with controversies, malicious plots against his then EVC/CEO and anyone who stood in the way of his ambition to become EVC and succeeding Ndukwe, The then Minister of communications, Late Dr Dora Akunyili, was not spared in Bashir’s antics.


Promoting Ethnic and religious divide amongst commission’s staff his brief stint as caretaker of the commission which he is misinforming Nigerians that he was acting EVC was described a tribal party by some of his colleagues and staff of the commission.


The APC and the President Elect General Muhammadu Buhari must not be fooled by his charismatic exaggerated achievements.


Its important to note that as the incoming President has promised to implement the Oronsaye report, we would expect that both the Ministries of Communication and Communications Technology be fused into one and the choice of the position of the Minister reflect character, Experience and versatility a prerequisite for that position which Bashir Gwandu lacks.


In the international scene, Bashir Gwandu has on many occasions being an embarrassment to the Nation. It’s a fact that The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) the world’s highest telecommunications regulatory body had written letter of complaints with regards the conduct of Bashir Gwandu requesting that he be called to order on several occasion. All these information are confirmable from the ITU & ATU.


In 2013 at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Bashir openly embarrassed the honorable Minister and head of the Nigerian delegation from the Ministry of Telecommunications Technology, where is posted himself as the head of the Nigerian delegation and independent telecom regulator. These information are all in record and confirmable at the ministry and presidency.


Bashir Gwandu has exhibited times and again the trait of a “desperate man” who would stop at nothing to bring down anyone Including blackmail, and peddling of lies which he would definitely exhibits if this coming administration make a mistake even making his a School Teacher.


It is public knowledge that Bashir Gwandu has been seen in recent times loitering around the President elect of our great Party (APC) and soliciting for the position of Minister of Communication Technology in the new the incoming administration.


Bashir Gwandu out of desperation locked out his colleague Stephen Bello, a fellow Northerner, out of office all in desperation to be EVC, recognizing his antecedents the Administration of late president Umaru Musa Yar Adua, went ahead to appoint another EVC, this did not go down well with Gwandu who consistently tried to undermine the new leadership of the NCC, his cup finally became full when he was sacked by President Goodluck Jonathan for Gross Misconduct, Embarrasment to Nigeria at international meetings and indiscipline as against his very popular claim that he Bashir unraveled fraud with the sale of Spectrum which is a complete and blatant lie.


If you must know he has even corrupted and recruited some innocent staff of the Ministry of Communications Technology and Nigerian Communication Commission of sneaking out very Sensitive official Govt documents to him promising them juicy positions if he gets into office. Gwandu has sleepless nights distributing confidential documents to different anti graft agencies and security Govt offices.


Today he is again on the desperate journey to become Minister, of Communications Technology; I want to use this medium to caution the incoming administration under the leadership of the President Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari to tread with caution in its dealings with Bashir Gwandu the self-acclaimed whistle blower. He will not stop at even blackmailing his best friend when he wants anything.


In the case our great party and the president elect decides to zone the position of Minister of Communications Technology to the North, there are other highly experienced and qualified professionals from across the North fit for that position. We however again believe that the Buhari Led Administration is not playing a Northern Agenda anyway rather a Government for all Nigerians.


It is also a know fact that the man Bashir Gwandu is “Corruption Personified” some Mobile Telecom Operators have made allegations that Bashir Gwandu requested financial inducement from them to sign off on type approval applications.


These information are not misleading in the character of the person of Bashir Gwandu please investigate.


Umaru Tanko.

Concerned Northern Telecommunications Technocrat.



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