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Muslims Condemn ISIS/Boko Haram: Declare Jihad Against The Extremists



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Wednesday 18 March 2015, 27 Jumada Al-awwal 1436
In The Name of Allah (The God), The Most Merciful, The Most Forgiver.
Assalamualaykum (Peace be upon you)

We the Muslims Against Terror organisation totally condemn the killings and attacks of the extremist Takfiri group IE the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS and “BOKO HARAM”) affiliates and partners to al-Qaeda terrorist organizations in the world. We totally condemn them and urge all Muslims to equally condemn these Takfiri groups and join the Holy war against them in any way they can and with any means at their disposal.

This Extremists groups (ISIS/BOKO HARAM) are terrorist organization, that are killing innocent people in cities, attacking the government of Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, etc, and that violate the principles of Islam and the noble prophet.
“Any attack on the innocent people is unlawful and contrary to the Sharia (Islamic law)… Muslims must safeguard lives, honor and property of Christians, Jews and other faiths; attacking them contradicts Sharia”.

We have a moral responsibility – it’s not that we’re required but we have a moral responsibility – to clarify for the  confused about where Islam stands on such crimes committed by “ISIS/BOKO HARAM” and all affiliates to al-Qaeda terrorist organisations: Islam completely rejects such  terrorists behavior. It’s a responsibility that we Muslims Against Terror and other Muslims brothers around the world, ensure we don’t allow such ideologies of “ISIS/BOKO HARAM” or such extremists to define our religion (Islam).

Islam is the religion of Peace, love and total submission to the will of Almighty Allah (God). The Holy Quran tells Muslims to “stand firmly for justice and against injustice”. That’s true especially when the injustice is being committed by those who claim to be Muslim (ISIS/BOKO HARAM). When we fail to do so, we lose credibility as a faith and as human beings made of God’s Mercy.

The ISIS/BOKO HARAM Has “Nothing to do with Islam,” has committed crimes “that cannot be tolerated”.
We unequivocally denounce the Islamic state of Iraq, and Syria (ISIS) and “BOKO HARAM”. Both groups violate Sharia law and humanitarian law. The crimes; killing, dispossession carried out by the terrorists (ISIS/HOKO HARAM) against civilians and minorities in Iraq, Iran, Nigeria etc. that have affected Christians in Mosul, Yazidis, Kurds, and all other faiths and peoples in the Middle East and North and West Africa, violate the Quranic Teaching, “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (Surat al Baqara 2:256).

There actions are to be denounced and are in no way representative of what Islam actually teaches! Also the Quran states clearly, “that Anyone who kills a human being – it shall be as though he has killed all of mankind, If any one saves a life, it shall be as though he has saved the lives of all mankind.” These provide proof that Islam forbids killing of the innocent (Holy Quran 5:32).

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ISIS/BOKO HARAM are known to be extremists. This is not permitted in Islam and is totally condemned. The Quran says that which means; “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” ( Holy Quran 5:8) ISIS and BOKO HARAM are known for their trade mark of doing the opposite of this Quranic clear injunction.

And their actions have been predicted. It is written: The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) said; If he was here in the “End Time” when these people are doing these barbaric acts, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) will be the first to kill them himself.

“A people will come out at the ‘End of Time,’ Immature, Foolish and Corrupt. They will hold the discourse of the best of creation and recite the Quran, but it will not past their throats. They will pass through religion, the way an arrow passes through its quarray. If you find them, kill them, for verily whoever kills them will have his reward for Allah in The Day of Judgment”

In response to the fact that Nigerian terror group “BOKO HARAM” has sworn “bay’ah” (Oath of allegiance) to Islamic states; (ISIS). This was done because the Nigeria insurgency “BOKO HARAM” needed a “propaganda” boost, at a time when they are facing a coalition of African States, “multinational joint task force” attacking and killing them in “operation total wipe-out” of the insurgents “ISIS/Boko Haram” in North-Eastern Nigeria.

We the Muslims Against Terror organisation and other Muslim brothers in faith around the world are determined to fight terrorism, in all forms. Islam is the religion of moderation. It rejects extremism and isolation. We will confront deviant ideology where it appears, including in school, curriculas; Islam is a religion of diversity and tolerance.

We therefore urge citizens in Nigeria, and the citizens of north Africa, Iraq, Iran, etc. youths, Christians, Jews and Muslims and others around the world, to volunteer to carry arms, and join the Government Forces to wage “jihad” (struggle, strive) to fight and defend themselves, their  families, cities and country against these militants “BOKO HARAM/ISIS” an affiliates to Al-Qaeda Terrorists organisation in the world.

We also call upon the international community, the UN,USA, etc and the help of the neighbouring countries (the multinational joint task forces) and the collaboration between the Government of Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, etc to assist and fight this Islamist insurgents (ISIS/BOKO HARAM) affiliates to Al-Qaeda terrorists organisation in the world. ISIS/BOKO HARAM are a scourge most importantly to Islam and the record of our noble prophet (peace be upon him) as well as other humans.

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We thank the volunteer youths, the civilian-JTF, the Muslims Against terror, hunters, Ibn Fadallah force, the Nigeria Army, Chad, Cameroun, Niger etc for the battle against “BOKO HARAM/ISIS” Takfiri terrorists in Nigeria’s North; for recapturing Kukawa, Baga, Bama war etc in North Eastern Nigeria after a tense battle with “Boko Haram/ISIS”.

We also thanks the Iraqi Armed forced, backed by volunteers and tribal fighters  known as “popular mobilization force” for liberated central parts of the Iraqi city (Mosul etc) from Takfiri militants.

I on behalf of Muslims Against Terror organisation, condemn the attacks, suicide bombing, killing of innocent people in Iraq, Iran, Nigeria etc by Takfiri Islamic Extremist of Islamic state of Iraq and Syria and Boko Haram, “ISIS/Boko Haram”.

We express our condolences to, and sympathy with the people and government of Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Egypt etc and the families of the victims killed by the terrorists, suicide bombers and the innocent youths who volunteered to fight “Boko Haram/ ISIS” and were killed and massacred in North-East of Nigeria, Iraq, Iran etc. we stand with them in solidarity during these difficult times.

We Muslims Against Terror organisation and other Muslim brothers in faith, appeal to Muslims, Christians etc around the world to strongly condemn these acts; express unity with the victims relatives in your country, donate money and do whatever it takes to help the affected people in Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, etc.

Please we need your donation to help us fight militants, “Boko Haram/ISIS” and to take care of the families of the victims of Civilian JTF, Muslims against terror, the Youths who volunteered and were killed by Boko Haram in North-Eastern Nigeria.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said “Give charity without delay for it stands in the way of calamity.” Please do your bit and we pray Allah keeps us all away from calamity.

We sincerely appreciate your help. May Allah reward you for your generosity, in the name of Allah (God) our Lord we pray, Ameen.

Thanks for all your assistance: Contact us for donation options brother@muslimsagainstterror.commedia@muslimag.com+234-7086539243.

We pray for Peace, Love, Freedom and Security to return to North-East Nigeria, Syria, Iraq etc and to the rest of all Muslim Ummah and the world, this year in the name of Allah (swt) our Lord we pray (Amin). May Allah (God) guide them and protect them (Ameen).

We invite you to join us:
From Nigeria to the world!
We denounce Terror.
Salam (Peace)
Sir Doctor Amadi (JNR) JP, MPA, NMS
Muslims Against Terror.

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