The political mechanization by the two major political parties in Rivers State appears to pose its share of worries for the involved personalities. Information available to obtained from competent sources in Port Harcourt, Rivers State indicate that the All Progressive Congress [APC] governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi may have initiated moves to buy over officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] against the upcoming gubernatorial contest of 2015 between his political godson and the gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].

According to the information gathered, the state INEC official, Gesila Khan was offered a special gift by the APC governor. The gift was offered as the INEC Rivers state resident commissioner and it officials paid a visit to the governor [upon the governor’s invitation] at the government house. gathered that the visit was on Wednesday before the scheduled mock election exercise which took place on Saturday.

Our source reveals that the bribe package was offered following a behind closed door meeting between the INEC officials and the governor on Wednesday. Only the INEC officials and the governor’s trusted personnel were present at the meeting. Our source identified a bulky envelope filled with what appears to be 250,000 US Dollars. The embattled governor is said to have promised the INEC officials additional gifts should they be willing to cooperate fully with the APC government.

Meanwhile, Governor Amaechi is reported to have become concerned with the new developments within the political circle inside the State. The activities of the ex-militants who have thrown their weight of support to the PDP team – appears to be having a crippling effect on the APC campaign. The militants, according to our source have continued to successfully deter the APC campaign train from campaigning at communities considered PDP strongholds. The security agents are reported to be unsympathetic with the plight of the embattled governor to help him curtail the activities and threats of the militants.

In a related development, the Information Commissioner of the Rivers State government, Mrs. Ibim Samenitari, appears to find herself in a pickle with the women of Okirika. The women of Okirika have accused the Commissioner of insulting them and the 1st Lady of Nigeria.

Mrs Saminetari who was summoned to appear before Okrika women over the allegation – obliged and appeared before the women. While before the Okirika women, she stated that there were no evidence that she made any insulting comment about Dame Jonathan. She challenged them to provide evidence. She added that the Okrika women leader who is at the fore front of the accusation was representing the interest of the PDP. She alleged that the recent protest rally against her over the matter was sponsored by PDP to stain her image.

6 Comments to: Amaechi Offers $250,000 Bribe To Rivers INEC Commissioner

  1. Solomon

    March 16th, 2015

    Story is true.

  2. Tokunbo

    March 13th, 2015

    This news is fake,and i believ tht 247ureports firm has been bribed like ait tht is why u people are promotin nothin but lies..soon,u’ll be prosecuted by

  3. Monday Edo Prince

    March 11th, 2015

    How does one not know that amaechi is very desperate?
    He will lose.
    But the information commissioner who is being used to polish amaechi ugly foolishness – maybe the sad part of all this. She maybe too dumb to know that she is being used – until she is dumped she wouldn’t know.

  4. fire tread

    March 11th, 2015

    Amaechi is only an aggrieved pdp member. He is not an agent of change.we know him.

  5. Onuora ubah

    March 11th, 2015

    This story sounds fake and stupid. what a fabricated propaganda!

  6. fred

    March 10th, 2015

    Considering the desperation by Amaechi to install surrogate governor he can much more.The matter should not be swept under the carpet. Besides though the Woman is a Bayelsa person money is a veritable tool to disgrace hitherto people of integrity.