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Press Release: Why Natanyahu Hailed Jonathan!



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The year 2014 has come to an end. The Palestinians have witnessed yet another sad moment with no state, no justice, and no prospects for independence. There is also no end in sight against the occupation of their land by the illegitimate state of Israel.


When the Oslo Accords was signed by the then Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) over two decades ago (in 1993), majority of the Palestinians had hoped for a better future. Few realised then that the Accord only symbolised a deliberate strangulation of their struggle against the criminal occupation of their land by the Zionist entity.

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The continued occupation of Palestinian land by the illegitimate state of Israel has caused the death of thousands of Palestinians, disabled tens of thousands, destroyed thousands of homes and displaced millions. These atrocities are going on a daily basis by the settler state. Obviously, Israel has become a lawless state that obeys no laws or respects any statutes. It has refused to end occupation of Palestinian land as demanded by many UN resolutions for the past 60 years. This puts to shame the hypocritical stance of its supporters for Human Rights and dignity, especially the United States. It violates the very basis of US creation and its conscience especially the very principle of the US declaration of independence “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights such as Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. How then does the US support this criminal act by the Zionist state in denying thousands of Palestinians of their right to live, to a better life and happiness, as well as to a homeland of their own? These states and governments supporting the illegitimate Zionist state are at variance with the wishes and aspirations of their own people.

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In same vein, the Federal Government of Nigeria under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan recently abstained from voting at the Security Council to deny Palestinians realisation of their dream of a statehood and freedom. Since its inception, the present administration of Goodluck Jonathan has never shied away from violating the rights of its citizens. It has showed disdain for anything humanity or peace, and for anything Islam. Characteristically, this administration denied the good and spirited people of Palestine their freedom from oppression by denying them the only vote they needed to become a free society and a free state as well. This was contrary to the wishes of the majority of the citizens of this country. That this administration abstained in that historic vote only exposes it as a cheap tool in the hands of the Zionists. It has clearly marked itself with indelible ink for all to see who it actually is answerable to. Now we know on whose behalf it has been shedding so much blood of its own citizens for.


This is a clear deviation from the very dynamic and altruistic foreign policy set by previous administrations since independence. Nigeria was at fore-front of struggle for the liberation of many African countries from the wicked grips of colonialism and racist systems, particularly in Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, and Angola among others. Nigeria also contributed troops to fight injustice in Lebanon, Somalia, Liberia and Sierra Leone. This government now appears to jettison this laudable foreign policy objective.


Ever since the emergence of this administration, it has never hidden its romance with the illegitimate state of Israel. As the Zionists slaughter innocent civilians in Gaza, Nigerian security forces (re-structured by the Zionists under the present government) are doing similar crime to millions of our citizens under the pretext of Boko-Haram. We saw the hands of the Israelis in the foiled attempts at smuggling arms from South Africa recently. We saw how the Zionist symbol was smuggled into our Naira notes, while removing the Arabic inscription better recognised by peasant Muslim citizens. We know that the Jews were responsible for the removal of the Arabic inscription of the Nigerian Army motto that “victory is from God”. Now, this abstention vote has made it crystal clear, even to the most sceptical observer, who has been dictating the tunes for the Jonathan administration. It has now become even clearer on whose command were the children of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and other people shot at, killed or maimed during a peaceful procession in support of Palestinians last July. It is obvious on whose orders the Jonathan administration has been constantly targeting Shaikh Zakzaky (H) for assassination.

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We therefore wholeheartedly condemn this ignominious abstention vote at the UN Security Council and openly show our disavowal as it does not in any way represent the wishes and aspirations of the majority of our citizens. We wish to condole with the people of Palestine and to renew our support and solidarity for them and their struggle. We feel their pains and their struggle is ours. Victory is certain and quite near *in sha Allah*.


May Allah help the good people of Palestine.




S.I Ahmad





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