INEC Has Already Rigged 2015 Presidential Poll In Favour Of Buhari And The North –Intersociety

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under the watch of Prof. Attahiru Jega has been accused of having already rigged the 2015 presidential poll in favour of the North.
“Our forensic evaluation of the Commission’s distribution of PVCs across the country clearly shows that the Commission, headed by Prof. Attahiru Jega, seems to have successfully put electoral demographic statistics hugely in favour of the North, which will allow it clinch the presidency of the country come February 14, 2015,” said the International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety), in a statement signed by the Board Chairman Emeka Umeagbalasi and issued this morning in Onitsha.

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The frontline presidential candidate from the North if General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).
Intersociety cited the alleged mismanagement of the distribution of the Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) in favour of the North by INEC, claiming that it “is the third out of three-stage designed strategy for the North to emerge in the country’s presidency.” Below is the text of the statement:
“The attention of the leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law has again been drawn to the latest public statement made by the Chairman of INEC, Prof Attahiru Jega, blaming Nigerian registered voters for not coming out en masse to collect their PVCs and absolving his Commission of any blame associated with their poor distribution and collection. The INEC Chairman was responding to our recent letter to the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria, dated January 21, 2015 over the issue as well as a comment on the issue made by the National Security Adviser, Mr. Sambo Dasuki in UK, while responding to a question put across to him by a journalist, Mr. Theodore Damian, over the issue of disenfranchisement of over 30 million registered voters based on non distribution of PVCs.
“Mr. Sambo Dasuki had expressed same concerns and disappointment expressed by millions of other Nigerians, particularly the registered voters numbering 30,059,085, including the Sultan of Sokoko, who, till date, have not received or been issued with their legitimate PVCs. He concluded that if it could take INEC one whole year to distribute only 38,774,391 PVCs, what is the possibility of the Commission receiving and distributing the remaining 30,059,085 PVCs less than three weeks to the all important February 2015 polls including 14,491,866 not yet produced and delivered to the Commission by its contractors/suppliers? On our part, while we did not call for the shifting of the dates of the polls, we insisted that all the registered voters must receive their PVCs. We proffered solutions as to how the problem of the massive disenfranchisement could be remedied including taking the PVCs to the homes of the registered voters or allowing the registered voters to vote with either their PVCs or TVCs (temporary voters’ cards).
“However, despite these genuine, legitimate and justiciable national outcries, the Chairman of INEC is unperturbed and determined to disenfranchise millions of Nigerian voters, particularly registered voters numbering 30,059,085. Reasons for his insistence are not farfetched. Our forensic evaluation of the Commission’s distribution of PVCs across the country clearly shows that the Commission, headed by Prof. Attahiru Jega, seems to have  successfully put electoral demographic statistics hugely in favour of the North, which will allow it clinch the presidency of the country come February 14, 2015. This blatant electoral demographic scheming is the third out of three-stage designed strategy for the North to emerge in the country’s presidency. The first was botched creation of 30,000 polling units with grossly lopsided geopolitical distribution and the second was the issue of strange preferential voting treatment for the North-East IDPs said to be 918,416, who are mostly of Muslim population. The mother of all these was systematic and careful extermination of Christian populations and settlements in the North by Boko Haram oiled insurgency to make the voting an all Muslim affair in the core North.
“In the entire North, 24,481,487 citizens have received their PVCs and empowered to vote, whereas in the entire South, only 16,151,298 are empowered to vote having been issued with their PVCs. Owing to insecurity and other unsafe conditions created in the North, over four million Southerners mostly of Igbo tribe have fled the North and more three million will flee or leave the area between now and first week of February.
“Out of these numbers, up to five million of them will not vote in the said crucial polls owing to absence of their PVCs. There are also those that were recently captured in various continuous voters’ registration exercises across the country particularly in the South, who have received only Temporary Voters’ Cards. Many others have not even received PVCs or TVCs till date. These, INEC said will not vote because they do not possess PVCs.
“Our questions to Prof Attahiru Jega and his INEC are: If Nigerian registered voters are to be blamed for not coming out to collect their PVCs, numbering 15,567,219, which forms the number of undistributed PVCs; are they also to be blamed for 14,491,866 that are yet to be produced and delivered to the Commission till date? Are Nigerian registered voters responsible for 14,491,866 PVCs names that have not been captured till date only twenty days to the presidential poll? Is it also the Nigerian registered voters that should be blamed for those voters registered recently who have not been captured either in PVCs or TVCs? Are Nigerian registered voters  also responsible for hundreds of thousands of missing registered voters from the INEC’s National Register of Voters such as in Ogbaru LGA of Anambra State where 9,000 registered names are missing from the INEC’s manual and digital data?
“It is our firm conclusion that the Jega’s INEC has already rigged the presidential poll demographically speaking in favour of the North. It is still shocking and magical as how the Commission effected high percentage distribution of PVCs in the troubled geopolitical zone of the North-East to the extent that the state of Bauchi has so far received 1,509,255, out of the so called registered voters of 2,502,609. The statistical implication of this is that the PVCs recipients in Bauchi State alone equal the total PVCs recipients in Anambra and Imo states put together. While a total of 1,544,793 PVCs have so far been distributed in the two states (Anambra 862,747, Imo 682,046), total of 1,509,255 PVCs have so far been distributed in Bauchi State alone. While five States in the troubled region of North-East have received 4,886,499 PVCs as of date, only 3,944,242 have received theirs in the entire five states of the South-East.
Our further and final questions to Jega’s INEC are:  What magic is behind such high percentage PVCs distribution in the troubled North-East? Are they hoarded in the warehouses of some, if not many district heads/Emirs for onward transfer to Almajiris, infants and livestock on poll day? Were their owners located in  the Cameroonian mountains, Adamawa hills,  Sambisa forests, bushes and purdahs  and issued or were they ferried from these hideouts to the collection centers via helicopters, horses and camels? In view of the magical distribution of PVCs in the troubled North-East with high percentage, why thickened desperation to get the North-East IDPs to vote at all costs, while disenfranchising millions of  other registered voters in the South?”


  1. If this is true, and I believe it is because of the way the pvc and tvc were distributed in Karmo in Abuja where I lived before now, I forsee a second civil war in nigeria. In Karmo, we qued and waited for more than a week and no distribution was made but informed sources said they got theirs from the mosque. Was it to be distributed in the mosque? And it wasn’t distributed in church. This point out that Jega is the source of trouble and a backstaber . In Mowe where I am now people went to que for days and no one got anything or maybe very few people got theirs and jega is blaming people for not coming out. Pls send your correspondence to Mowe to find out what happened. Now I understand why we were massively disenfranchised in these two places I mentioned. We went to Inec’s office in abuja and were told to go to karu which is more than 20 kilometers from karmo where we lived so we felt there was something fishy. How can I go to karu when on election day there will be no movement how do I vote? Now all is clear to me.

  2. May be because Jigga was stoned by the Almajiris after the last election for giving to the South what they said belonged to the North. What I don’ understand is how the leadership of Nigeria is the inheritance of the North.They need reorientation.Period!

  3. This falsehood statement seems to be of loosing hope and lack of confidence on the entire electorates of the country. A good and justifiable leader at a mantle of leadership is supposed to expects vote from from all corners of the country not only votes from his own domain.

  4. I have said it before , The south is not supposed to be part of Nigeria. There is no element of love and harmony to suggest that the north and the south are brothers. Different people with different culture , orientation and background who don’t believe in one thing . Cheating and cheating all the way with I am the superior mentality and yet Nigeria is dieing and dieing every day. I have said it before Nigeria will never be good .

  5. I wonder why these so called southerners (South_east & south_south) are so confused to the extent that, they are publicly revealing their plans. It us your member (GEJ) who iniate, fuels and monitor the current state of insurgency in the north; peoples are innocently massacred, millions are displaced from their communities just for his own political ambitions but now blindly blaming JEGA for scheduling election to those IPDS (imagine this selfishness from south). You should know that CHANGE is inevitable on Feb. 14. GEJ has failed.

  6. Leave aside all your pessimistic speculations and rantings, when change comes for the better none could thwart it!

    No threat of violence, civil war or secession could stand the way of real positive change and its agents!

  7. Know it that no matter your plans and intimations, Mohammadu/Mohammed Buhari will not win the Feb 14 electiom..Listen to him and you will find out that he does not fit into this internet age. I’m waiting for presidential debate.He must come this time and stand to convince Nigerians that he is not a old tyrant who wants to reap where he did not sow.Political Golddigger-Hater of democracy who wants to rule over Nigerians again by all means.He’ll expose himself that day.Watch.


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