2015: Alex Otti Is Not A Member Of APGA – Ufomba



One of the governorship candidates on the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Abia state, Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba says Dr.Alex Otti who is also laying claim to the APGA governorship is not a registered member of the party.


Speaking at an APGA rally at Recreation Club, Aba, Ufomba said Chief Victor Umeh whom he described as the immediate past chairman of the party deceived Otti into believing that he has become a member of the party.

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“Alex Otti is not a member of APGA. Democracy has its own procedure. You can’t join a party from the top. Victor Umeh has turned APGA to a money making machine. Alex Otti bought nomination form from Victor Umeh in Abuja and was given receipt. That receipt became a membership card for him. This is how he became a member of APGA.  All the 17 LGA chairman of APGA in Abia state has never met Alex Otti. They are all here, you can ask them.  You have heard from the Isiala Ngwa South LGA party chairman that he doesn’t know Alex Otti. Even his ward chairman in ward 5, Isiala Ngwa South doesn’t know him. He is not a registered member of the party in his ward. The question is if the ward and LGA chairmen have never met Alex Otti, how did get party delegates that elected him?”


Ufomba who said he remains the leader of APGA in the state accused Umeh of turning APGA into a money making venture, adding that he has been the problem of the party.


“We won’t allow the reign of impunity in APGA. Umeh came on a campaign trip to Aba two weeks ago even with restraining order from the court. Im the leader of the party in Abia state because a governorship candidate remains the leader of the party in a state where the party is in opposition.”


Earlier in his speech, Chief Ejike Uche who described himself as the Acting national chairman of APGA, stated that Umeh has ceased to be the chairman of APGA since his tenure has expired.


According to him, “Umeh is no more the national chairman of APGA, he has turned APGA into a money making machine. Umeh is the problem with the party; under him APGA never progressed beyond Anambra state because he saw it as a means of making money. How can a man collect form for senate, campaigning and still holding on to the seat of national chairman of the party? Is it fair?


He described Ufomba as the authentic governorship candidate of the party in Abia and commended him for his support to the party.



  1. An Igbere high court rescinded its suspension of Umeh as APGA chairman, claiming that Ejike and Reagan deceived him into issuing that order; so, what are these two clowns talking about?

    Victor Umeh, according to two court rulings, remains APGA chairman till February 2015. Unless APGA now has two factions, Ejike Uche is wasting his time and Reagan’s money chasing shadows.

  2. Ufomba is a serial fraudster, a 419ner and a clown. He thrives more with the bastard called Ukaegbu to extort money from unsuspecting and desperate contestants. He is only APGA during election, and reclines to his Ntigha Isiala Ngwa shell immediately after. This over-bleached fraudster with his collaborators especially the clown masquerading as Acting National Chairman of APGA, will want people to believe that an interim Igbere High Court Abia court order deceitfully obtained and hurriedly discharged is superior to two Court of appeal Judgments in Enugu and Abuja, that severally re-affirmed Umeh as the National Chairman of APGA, and recognized by INEC. Fools

  3. Is very bad that all this is happening nw, my advice is let this two brother come together and settle there issues, is very inpossiable for a party to bring out one person but left for me I will say let REAGAN stepdown for ALEX OTTI cos he is the only person that can challenage PDP.


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