What Really Does Ahmadu Adamu Muazu Want? (Part One) – By Hassan Tukur

PDP Chairman with President Jonathan


Mole. Fifth columnist. Traitor. Turncoat. These are some of the words that may well describe the anathema that Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Muazu, former Governor of Bauchi State has become as National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, the PDP. The groundswell of the Muazu subterfuge is such that if he is allowed by the PDP to play  his script to the fullest, the Party will wake up too late in the day to discover their own Chairman is their bitterest enemy.

It is still not clear whether Adamu Muazu is acting alone or working in concert with some yet-to-be identified power mongers whose interest is to wrest power from President Jonathan at all cost, irrespective consequences to Party and the nation.

The Sun Newspaper recently carried the news of the disquiet in the North and in the PDP over the perceived Presidential ambition of Adamu Muazu for 2019. What most Nigerians do not know is that the clandestine move by the PDP National Chairman is actually to edge out President Jonathan in 2015, not 2019, the same President Jonathan on whose back he rode to power despite the availability of an array of better and more qualified candidates at the time.

Politics, many have always called a dirty game. But power without morality is nothing but a dangerous tool in the hand of an individual wielding it as he is but a very dangerous animal and that is Muazu. Here is a National Chairman whose pastime now has become criminalizing the actions of Mr. President and demonizing his person in closed circles and making presentations to such inner circles of his to the effect that President Jonathan is not fit to remain the President of Nigeria and should not be tolerated beyond 2015.

By law and by convention, the President is the National leader of the Party and, deserving his respect, should work in perfect harmony with the National Chairman. More importantly, the President also enjoys right of first refusal of his Party’s ticket where the law permits and where the President has not out-and-out said he would not contest, as is the case with President Jonathan. But here is a National Chairman who instead of pursuing national and conciliatory agenda is pursuing an ethnic or at best sectional agenda, and whose primary concern is how stop the President and inherit the Office. Muazu’s actions are not just pointing to it; he has said that much himself: President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan must not run!

Evidence of Adamu Muazu’s Presidential ambition has always been there in the open for long though most people did not realize it. Very early in the day, Muazu set up what he surreptitiously christened National Chairman Support Group in the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT. Many perceived this as a necessary structure to enable the Chairman to reach out, consolidate and restore hope to a party that had suffered many vicissitudes and hemorrhage. Even Dr. Alex Ekwueme, first National Chairman and first Chairman Board of Trustees of the PDP, had to be called back from retirement to reconcile aggrieved members of the Party. Now, it is clear that the Support Group is an initial mutative Campaign Structure, which will only have to be expanded and transformed in due course to pursue Muazu’s presidential ambition.

Come to think of it; of what use is a Support Group to the National Chairman of a Party, which already has structures up to every village in Nigeria if not for covert reasons?

With benefit of hindsight, it is rather surprising that the PDP chieftains did not see what moral atrophy Muazu was and still is, before picking him as a consensus National Chairman to succeed Alhaji Bamanga Tukur. It will be recalled that President Jonathan had advised the Party against the choice of Muazu and reckoned with a certain Minister Umar instead. As a team player Mr. President backed down when Governors of the North East Muazu had recruited insisted, and acquiesced to Muazu against his better judgment. That his uncanny feeling that Muazu would be a catastrophic choice is now confirmed.

Apart from having a muted multibillion naira case with EFCC, Muazu was indicted by the White Paper on his maladministration, which emanated from the Probe Panel put in place by his successor Isa Yuguda. The Panel did not only recommend the recovery of over N28 Billion stolen by Muazu but also his banning from holding public office. But somehow, Muazu also stealthily suppressed the EFCC case and the rest, to emerge as PDP National Chairman.

Due to the crisis, which engulfed the PDP in the Bamanga Tukur days, Party leaders, who are becoming aware of the Real McCoy called  Adamu Muazu and his vaulting ambition, are rather weary lest be accused of stirring another round of crisis should they move against him earlier. But it may be ultimately better to face another round of crisis in the PDP and win the Presidential Election and more States than keep quiet while Muazu firms up his ploys to become President in 2015, which may destroy the PDP and its chances of retaining power at the center.

It is public knowledge that Adamu Muazu is cavorting with leaders of the main opposition Party, the APC and encouraging belligerence in the PDP, especially in the House of Reps. Records of his secret meetings with some leaders of the APC and dissident PDP members are available and will soon be placed in public domain To say nothing of his canal rascality, which is equally unbecoming and a source of embarrassment. While many would argue that Muazu is entitled to his private life and could maintain harems if so desires, when such loose lifestyle begins to interfere with his official duties, then it justifiably becomes a cause for concern. Muazu’s reputation with women is all too well-known. What many do not know is that he is goaded and aided on such trippings and sexual escapades with substances, most of which are forbidden by law and his religion.

What is more, in such altered state of consciousness blighted by uppers and psychotropic substances, Adamu Muazu is hardly aware that most of joy ridding and underground moves are on tape, both audio and video, which will also be uploaded to YouTube for access by the public. One of such records is the meeting held in Asokoro weeks ago in the house of a businessman from Bauchi, his home State, where it was agreed that one of the strategies was to wait for the President to make a mistake and then move in. What the group plans to do if President Jonathan, being a very careful and thoughtful person, fails to commit a mistake, is yet to be ascertained. But we are following closely and will in due cause make that available too.

Strangely too, Ahmadu Adamu Muazu as the National Chairman has refused to take up his official office in Wadata  House, the PDP National Secretariat; or operate from the Legacy House, which is like an alternative. He instead chose to operate from his private house in Abuja, which he acquired with Bauchi State people’s money when he was Governor. His choice of his private resident is also curious and has been confirmed as one of the strategies to keep his furtive meetings under wrap. What he does not know is that there is no art to discern man’s heart construction from his face. Some of those he may be relying on are like him: moles. Much of what he has done is known in the most unexpected and unintended quarters.

That Adamu Muazu is secretly plotting to supplant President Goodluck Jonathan is not the only problem. More disbursing is his Plan B: He and his cohorts, which includes APC chieftains, also plan to support the APC in th likely even that Muazu fails to clinch the PDP Presidential ticket. So, question is: who exactly is Ahmadu Adamu Muazu? What really does Adamu Muazu want? Should the PDP stand by and watch Muazu destroy the Party and its chances to retain power at the center and pave way for the APC to take over the Presidency? Time shall tell.

This is the first of a five-part series on the antics of Alhaji Ahmadu Adammu Muazu. The remaining parts will contain, among other things:

1)   List of of Adamu Muazu’s co-conspirators within and outside the Party;


2)   Audio transcript of his acerbic comments and disheartening criticisms of President Jonathan and other Party Leaders;


3)   Transcript of the videos of his sexual escapades, which will uploaded to YouTube;


4)   Unedited strategy documents on Muazu for President 2015, which he commissioned barely a month after he assumed office as PDP Chairman , including a list of his steering committee members  and Heads of his shadowy campaign directorates; and


5)   List of PDP Governors who are working with Muazu, inducing a powerful Governor from Southern Nigeria.




  • Dr. Hassan Ahmed Tukur, a US-trained Administrator and diplomat and a PDP Chieftain, wrote in from Abuja. E-mail: hatukur@gmail.com.


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